Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running of the Green 4 Miler

I had no intentions of racing this past weekend after dropping out of both RnR USA and Shamrock. I've been running very infrequently and have often been switching shoes- and therefore not running any distance in one go in a while. The Running of the Green (island) sold out nearly immediately this year, so I ultimately ran as a bandit.

Once I was offered a bib, I wasn't sure I could swing it since I would be leaving Albany & returning around parade time, Jen offered to drive me which made my decision an easy one.  We got to the race with plenty of time to pick up our bibs and say hello to a bunch of our Ragnar team-mates.  I also had the chance to finally meet Jona and Kristin. The weather was surprisingly warm (low 40s - oh how cruel winter has been)  that I went ahead and wore knee high socks with shorts & my Ragnar Ambassador shirt. While I wasn't warm,  I wasn't any colder than I would have been if I had pants on.

It seemed like Ragnar was the conversation of the day, I kept overhearing people talking about it, my teammates and I reminisced about our race, and I definitely received a few comments about Ragnar in general,  I now see why we wear our shirts to races!

Since this was my first race of the season, I had absolutely no goals. I always need my first race in a while- to be a bit of an ass kicker. It allows for me to see what my baseline is & what to expect. I was very pleased that without running consistently ( in longer than I should admit) I maintained a pace around 10'30s".

Jen & I ran with another former Turtle and I enjoyed catching up and having others to run with.  I'm sure I could have run faster if my life depended on it, but thankfully it didn't and I just enjoyed getting out and going for a run.

When we finished the race, raffle tickets were handed out,  I assumed these were for the gift cards they announced having earlier a few minutes later I noticed that EVERYONE around me was holding pint glasses, thankfully I was able to put the two together and picked up mine. The swag from this race was impressive!

After the race a handful of us headed out for breakfast, it was a hole in the wall not far from where my new apartment will be. Breakfast was delicious and I think we all cleared our plates.  
For a Saturday that I initially had no plans, it turned into a great morning.


  1. It was great to finally meet you! Sorry I didn't chat for long, I was in the zone and mentally preparing myself for the race :) Hopefully we can get some hiking in this summer together!

  2. Nice swag! Your outfit is cute, I have the same Sparkle skirt. :)