Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Goals February Recap

If all of 2014 goes by this quickly it'll be time for new goals before I can even breathe.  February was another quick month,  I was out of town for 11 days of it, which might be part of the whirlwind.  Overall a pretty good month.  I have decided to take off my goal of 1200 miles.  The polar winter we've had and my interest in other things in addition to running (hiking, rock climbing, pilates, traveling...)  running won't be what I define this year by, so I'm going to back off that intense goal... for now.

1. Floss Once a Week.(6/52)

Still slightly behind,  but I can promise you that this week I will be flossing every day as I prepare for my first dental visit in many many years.

2. Run 1200 Miles (24/1200)
read above.

3. Read 36 books (6/36)
Reading is still something I excel at.  This month I read 
The Cuckoo's Calling Robert Galbraith   I'v never read a private detective type story and I enjoyed this one.  I'll admit I only rented it from the library because I knew JK Rowling was the real author but I enjoyed it enough that I was excited when I heard that the second one of this series will be coming out this summer. 
Serena - Ron Rash 
I heard of Serena from the buzzfeed article of books to read before they are movies ( I've now read 3 of them and will probably look in to a few others as the year goes on) 
 Allegiant - Veronica Roth
I didn't love it, but it was fine.  I think the second book in this series was actually my favorite.

4. Volunteer once a month (1/12)
I did not get out and volunteer.  I blame the snow and the 11 days of being out of the 518. and just being self centered and all that jazz.

5. Check off 12 bucket-list items (1/12)
I went stand up paddle-boarding while I was in Florida and I loved it.  I would totally do it again, and again, and again.  I want to own one.  While my dad and I were out, we ended up near a manatee and just watched it as it rolled around in the water.  We also saw Osprey's catching fish, pelicans catching fish, flying mullets, and a stingray.  Overall a very awesome time.

6. Become an ADK 46er (31/46)
Earlier in the month I was able to finally tackle Colden, which had been on the next to hike list since November.  It was a long day, but a beautiful hike.  I was meant to go for Marshall on the 15th, but the nearly 2 feet of snow kept my uncle, his friend and I home - none of us really wanted to spend the day breaking trail.  But one more down 14 to go

7. Do Pilates or Yoga once a week (6/52)
A little behind, but I've been doing at home yoga once a week and am finally back on the Pilates train.

8. Write letters to 12 people (0/12)
I sent out valentines to a number of friends, but I am not counting this as my letter writing.  I still need to buckle down and write Joe back ( I haven't forgotten friend!)  

9. Run 14 Races (0/14)
No races yet and I will definitely be getting my ass kicked at Shamrock & RnR USA.

10. Lower my Nike+ overall pace from 10'48" to 10'38"
No progress yet.  tough to make progress when I'm barely running.  Oh polar vortex leave Albany alone and go home.  We've had our fill. 

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