Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Training

While in Florida (which is the home of 15 different baseball team spring training)  I took it upon myself to kick myself back into gear.  I have been busy, sick, and very lazy so now it's time for my own personal spring training this week.  In less than a month I'll be running both RnR USA and Shamrock 1/2 Marathon (in the same weekend no less),later this spring I'll be tackling a few other races. So I am taking advantage of my free time this week and the warm weather.

I created a smart coach with the goal of running a late spring/early summer full marathon.  I have not committed to any of those races yet, but I am using the running plan as inspiration.  That being said, after a significant amount of time that I have been inconsistant,  14 miles was simply out of the question.  Otherwise  I had a very active week here in Florida.

AM: Outlet shopping acquired some new extras at some awesome president day savings

  PM: 2 mile run


AM: walk through 6 mile cypress ( not actually 6 miles - closer to 1.5)

 PM: Nike Training Club Body Flexor (30 minutes)



AM: driving range

 PM:  5.5 mile run  
Thursday: AM: Stand up Paddleboarding (1 hour) 

                PM: 9 holes of golf ( first time on a course)

AM: Nike Training Club

PM: Fort Myers Rockin River Music walk

Am: Blues, Brews, & BBQ

PM: Fort Myers Brewery

Am: Travel to Albany

Pm: NTC Dynamic Yoga

Overall, I had quite the productive week.  I needed a third run, but it just didn't happen while I was out of town.  I was quite active for my vacation with most of it being healthy choices so I'll consider it a win.

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  1. So so jealous of your time in FL! Love that you stay active on vacay.
    I just bought new sunglasses too! :)