Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowy Weekend Things

While many many people have been complaining about the weather/snow this winter, I've done my best not to.  Personally I appreciate a really good snow storm.  It drives me batty that the same people who complain that it is too hot all summer long, will complain all winter long.  The weather in the Northeast has always been known to have cold, snowy winters and hot humid summers.  If you aren't a fan of those conditions there is a whole WORLD of choices. So in short, stop complaining.

The storm that came through Albany gave me a surprising early start to winter break.  I was expecting to leave early on Thursday and have a delay on Friday.  But since it had started snowing at 6:30 in Albany, I was relieved that we did in fact close for Thursday.  I never got my studded snow tires on, and my little corolla isn't the best in the snow without them.

I went to bed at 11pm on Thursday and it had stopped snowing,  I assumed the weather path had changed, I'd have a two hour delay and be back at school to celebrate valentines day with my kiddos.  I was shocked to look out and see that my car was missing under the snow, and some idiot got stuck going the wrong way down my street.

 It was no surprise when I got the text that we were closed for a second day.  But by then, I was itching to leave my apartment so around 11 I headed out to start digging my car out.  I was lucky that a random neighbor came by and joined in, together we made a good clearing around the passengers side of my car which allowed for me to climb in and simply pull away from the gigantic mound on the drivers side.

Once I cleared my way out,  I ended up driving up to my school to check in our class pets Sam & Harley.  They were in need of a cage clean, and restocking of supply before they become wards of the school during our February vacation.

Initially I was going to hike my 32nd High Peak (winter 7th) but it turned out that the ADK ended up with a decent amount of snow, the hike would have been 13+ miles and there were some concerns that we wouldn't be able to summit after having to break trail all day, so we decided to post pone the hike until the 8th. That freed up my weekend a bit, so I headed over to my uncles to spend some quality time with my favorite dogs.

My aunt & uncle recently bought a beautiful farm house with 103 acres of land in the Altamont area, so on Saturday we headed out to break a trail for my uncle to take around the property with the dogs.

my uncle gave me a very detailed lesson on tree types

at one point, charlie and abby decided to go ahead of our trail breaking. after sinking multiple times, it didn't last long.

After our walk we came in to relax by the fire with some tea, reading and of course Syracuse basketball.  Overall quite the perfect Saturday.  My aunt & uncle were kind enough to drive me to the airport Sunday morning so I leave my car at their house while I visit my parents and my aunt & cousin in Florida.

charlie didn't move until it was time to eat and then he returned to this position for the rest of the night.

abby (the puppy) was more determined for continual human involvement.

Now I'll spend some time enjoying the sunshine state & hopefully doing a few more adventures than usual when I'm visiting the parents! happy presidents day!


  1. OMG, that snow.

    Adorable dogs! I thought you met the dogs were your classroom pets at first, LMAO! I was like, they keep them in cages!!! Then I read the next paragraph. You scared me!

    Hopefully you guys are going to get the little warm up later this week, that we are.

    1. Ha! I forget that not everyone knows about Sam & Harley by guinea pigs. we have guinea pigs as class pets, not small dogs!