Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Goals - January Recap

Yikes, January went fast.  This is probably because I was out of the country until the 6th and barely keeping my head above water for the majority of the month.  Not as solid of a start as I would have preferred, but plenty of time to make up for it.
1. Floss Once a Week.(3/52)
I may have only flossed 3 times this month, but that's probably half the amount of times flossed in all of 2013.  I have some catching up to do and need to get better about it since I'll be acting as a patient for a friend in dental hygienist school.

2. Run 1200 Miles (24/1200)
I know I am already quite behind on this goal.  I think with some work I can still make it happen.  Readjusting to life post-travel plus the month long polar vortex made it a rough month. 

3. Read 36 books (3/36)
Woot, I am still on track for this one.  Although most of these books were read during my travels.
Insurgent - Veronica Roth
I had read divergent at some point in 2013 and wan't all that impressed to bother reading the second one until my trip.  I liked the second one more than the first, which almost never happens and am hoping to pick up the third one later this week.

The Aviators  Wife - Melanie Hauser
This was a gift from my aunt from Christmas and I very much enjoyed it.  I haven't read much historical fiction and this one was about Anne Marrow Lindbergh, I didn't know anything about her before and while it was obviously fiction I  was fascinated by the partial truths.

Following Atticus -Tom Ryan
I had been meaning to read this for a while.  The book is a bout a man who hikes with his small dog.  As a hiker and dog lover, I very much enjoyed memoir.  It also inspired me to hike the 48 peaks of the white mountains.

4. Volunteer once a month (1/12)
January: Stars for our troops
I did get out and volunteer once with Stars for our troops. 

5. Check off 12 bucket-list items (0/12)
Nada yet.  

6. Become an ADK 46er (30/46)
Ugh,  the weather did not cooperate t get me in the mountains.  I am dying to get up there, the plan is this weekend.

7. Do Pilates or Yoga once a week (3/52)
I did at home yoga a few time.  I think this will be the year I nail this goal, especially since i expanded it to Pilates and yoga.

8. Write letters to 12 people (0/12)
None written yet, but 3 days into the new month and a friend wrote a letter to me to help me get started!

9. Run 14 Races (0/14)
No races run,  I'm not a winter racer, but I am registered for 2 in March and 1 in April.

10. Lower my Nike+ overall pace from 10'48" to 10'38"
My average pace for the month of January was 10'41, I'm glad it was below 10'48 but it wasn't enough to move my overall pace down just yet.

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  1. You still have plenty of time to reach your goals! You got it!

    Yay for March races!