Saturday, January 11, 2014

Costa Rica Adventures:: Jaco

As we traveled, the same few conversations turned up: 
where are you from?
how long are you traveling for?
and where are you going next?

Most frequently when we told people we were headed to Jaco, someone would have something snarky to say.  Which surprises me, since we also never met anyone that had been there. 

We chose Jaco for our beach because it was easier to get to from Monte Verde and equally easy to then leave for San Jose.  Our biggest goal was to not spend 1/4 of our vacation traveling to our next destination.

We ended up staying in Monte Verde an extra night because we had a free place we could stay and I was in rough shape from welcoming the new year. On Thursday we took the bus and headed out of the mountains.

When we got in- we were shocked at how hot it was . The temperature was so mild in the mountains that we sort of forgot about the whole being close to the equator thing.

After dropping off our stuff, we quickly went down to the beach , which was conveniently in front of our hotel.  More or less, that is all that we did for our remaining two days.

my camera was compromised.

I did walk into town twice, once to buy a new iPhone charger ( which has already since broken) and another time to find the tank top that I wanted. The town was significantly larger than The others we visited And definitely had a busier vibe. English was spoken a lot less here than our previous stays, and it was nice to get off the American path just a bit.

We had heard that were were drugs and prostitutes and since it was a larger area, I don't doubt it- however we never encountered any trouble. We also used our heads.  So for all the grief that people gave to us for going to Jaco instead of any of the other beaches I definitely think it was unwarranted.  I would travel to Jaco again for sure.

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