Thursday, January 9, 2014

Costa Rica Adventures:: Monte Verde:: Coffee, Chocolate & sugar cane tour

After a few days in La Fortuna/ Arenal it was time to move to another area of Costa Rica.  We arrived in Monte Verde by about noon and quickly dropped our stuff off at our hostel.  (Sleepers - I can't say enough amazing things about the family that runs this place)  We immediately signed up for the coffee tour at El Trapiche. Our group was a mix Jessie, myself, honeymooners from CT, an English girl and 4 families that were traveling together.  The families were very amusing. They had LOTs of questions and were incredibly enthusiastic about the coffee process.

sugar cane. not bamboo.

young coffee plants
ready to be planted

Beans that are slow dried have a sweeter taste ( I think...)
green means stop, red means go.
beautiful property

more coffee machinery

roasted beans!

Cocoa plant

brain-texture cocoa fruit.  very citrus-y

dried cocoa beans

old fashion way to make sugar cane. 

Jessie making candy
coffee directly from the source.

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  1. I can't begin to imagine how good that coffee must have tasted!!!