Sunday, January 12, 2014

Costa Rica Adventure:: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

There are many ways to get around Costa Rica and Jessie and I experienced most of them.

I flew Spirit Airlines
Jessie flew Copa airlines
I only had one flight and it was on time,
Jessie had some delays but was able to get into San Jose all in one day.
We flew into San Jose due to the price.

Traveling from San Jose - La Fortuna
We didn't plan as early as we should have - the interbus was sold out, the city bus was cheap but quite the journey.  On a whim we went back to the airport hoping to find a group shuttle to take to La Fortuna.  We ended up talking to a taxi manager who offered us a ride for 60 bucks a head.  Since most of the private shuttles run for 50, we decided that a private car was our best option.  It also saved us nearly 2 hours.

Traveling from La Fortuna/ Monte Verde
Like most people, (except for the awesome people we met that decided to do jeep boat horse)  We took the "jeep" boat "jeep"  neither jeep was was actually a jeep but rather a van that got us from point a to b.  This cost us $22 bucks and was fairly efficent.  Along the way, we met a girl who went to our high school (although she was a few years behind us)  It's a small small world or maybe I went to a very large high school. The ride into Monte Verde was mildly terrifying since we were powering through unpaved roads with reckless abandon but thankfully no one got sick and a few hours later we found ourselves in Monte Verde.
the boat we would take

Traveling from Monte Verde to Jaco
We really wanted to save money and take the public bus, but again the hours totally sucked so we ultimately shelled out the money for the interbus.  It was easily enough, it picked us up from our hostel and dropped us off directly at our hotel.  For $20+ it was worth it, but this was one of our longer drives since this driver actually seemed to obey standard driving laws.


Traveling from Jaco to San Jose
Finally we found a bus that had normal hours and frequency.  It was quite the nice bus, the only problem was that they didn't turn on the AC.  Jaco is HOT and both Jessie and I were wildly uncomfortable for the majority of the ride.  This was about 2-2.5 hours long due to traffic.  I was expecting hard plastic seats, since these were actually quite comfortable it was manageable and I would travel it again, despite losing a few pounds due to sweat.

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