Thursday, January 23, 2014

All the Races 2014

The theme for 2014 is to RUN ALL THE RACES.

My legs are writing checks that my bank account CANNOT cash.  Yet I feel that since half of this year will be my final months in my 20s and the the other half the first bit of my 30s, it only seems appropriate that I set some big goals and have some fun.  Eventually I'll need a new car, maybe own a house, and definitely have a dog.  But since I don't have any of those expenses yet,  it loosens the strings for a few luxury races.  Last year I didn't run any "big ticket" races and I missed them, so I am bingeing on registrations.  I haven't registered for them all,  but a few for the next few months to keep me honest & actually running.

2014 Races:
RnR USA Half Marathon yes initially I thought I'd do the full,  but stomach bug and 3 weeks of travel shot that down real fast
Shamrock Half Marathon  I blame Kristy at Pittsburgh Runner for this, she got it in my head that I could travel to the mid-Atlantic and run two half marathons in two different states in one weekend. 
RnR Raleigh Half Marathon One of my college roommates has decided to tackle her first half marathon and I intend to run with her for the entire thing.

Want to/need to register/plan

Mountain Goat- I would love to run again and PR at the 10 mile distance and this course.  Also, apparently if you run this within a certain amount of time there a special medal.  i.must.own.

Vermont City Marathon-  I've never been to Burlington yet it is still one of my favor places to imagine moving to.  I applied to be apart of the Cabot Fit Team, if I am accepted this race is a definite go, I've wanted to run it for ever.  If I don't get in - I will look for a closer full marathon to help off set the costs.

Freihofers Run for Women 5k - As long as I live in the neighborhood, I'll run this race. 

Ragnar Relay ADK (Ambassador - just need to find 5-11 other runners!... interested??)

The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k (Washington DC) Running a 50k is incredibly high on my list for 2014.  I was hoping it would be early May, but I can already tell that I would need a bit more time, so early June is the next goal.  

Indian Ladder 15k - I love trails and the 15k distance.  I had such a great run last year would love to see how I can improve
Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon -same as above, just a run halloween race.
Troy Turkey Trot - Who knows if I'll be in NY for thanksgiving this year, but if I am, I plan to continue to make this apart of my tradition.

These are all the races that I want to run.  It's also important to note that I am seriously guilty of race envy and will sign up for races that it seems like everyone else is doing.  When you follow local runners on blogs and twitter it adds up real fast.  

And while I'm at it-  what races are you registering for?

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  1. Heck yeah you can travel and run in two states! And you'll have a blast doing it too! Very excited.

    I wanted to do Vermont City myself, but I promised myself, I would wait until the fall to run another full..........I'll be excited to read your recap for sure.