Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Goals

Now that we are nearly half way through the first month of 2014, I feel that I have enough time (and energy) to sit down and think about my goals for the year.  I enjoy measurable goals (it's the special educator in me)  and lists so it's exciting to me to have specific new years resolutions Many of my goals are running related, the rest are to help me continue to grow and become a well rounded adult. (a girl can dream right?)
So here is what I am focusing on this year:

Floss Once a Week.
I know that I am suppose to floss daily,  but currently I don't floss at all.  ( I also have only had one cavity in my entire life)  But I am hoping that this goal will have a similar result as making my bed once a week last year did.  I had gone from never making my bed to making it most morning.  So starting small with once a week.

Run 1200 Miles

This is a big goal for me since last year I ran less than half of that, but I have some big goals for 2014 including my 3rd marathon and my first ultra.  Between the training required for all of those and RAGNAR ADK (since I've been accepted as an ambassador!)  I think that I can make it happen.

Read 36 books
Each year I up this challenge just a little bit more.  Last year I successful read 33 books despite still being in grad school for half of the year,  considering I am already 3 books into the new year, I have no doubts that I can find 33 more to read.  If you have any suggestions of a must-read send it my way!

Volunteer once a month

I have had this as a goal for the last few years and haven't nailed it in a while.  I'm hoping that now I am done as a professional student, I can sacrifice some of my free time to give back to my community.

Check off 12 bucket-list items

I came fairly close in 2013 with tackling 10 items - as I've tried new activities it has inspired me to add others, which means this list will never actually be complete. So I might as well attempt to do 12 this year.

Become an ADK 46er

I have 16 mountains left.  This is something that I started as a teenager (with a 5 year break) and I am really looking forward to completing the challenge 

Do Pilates or Yoga once a week
For years I had this as a yoga only goal, but since I am yet to find a yoga class that I enjoy (or an at home program that inspires me)  so I've added Pilates as an option.  I very much enjoy the Pilates class at my  so hopefully I'll do better than my measly 19 lasts year.

Write letters to 12 people

I have friends across town, state, country, and world.  It's time to bring back letter writing.  I was inspired by someone else blog about letter writing, my goal is to write 12 letters to 12 different people.  I'm looking forward to this experiment.

Run 14 Races
13 races was pretty easy, especially since I didn't start running races until April.  There are a bunch of races I want to do again - and tackle course PRs and so many other races that I haven't run yet that I am excited to try.

Lower my Nike+ overall pace from 10'48" to 10'38".
I use my Nike+ for nearly 100% of my runs.  While my runs vary anywhere from 9'30" to 11'30" I'd like to bring down my over all pace just a notch. 

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  1. Umm, your flossing goal is awesome. I definitely need to do more of it myself (especially since I was just at the dentist and he told me so, again). Ugh:)