Monday, December 2, 2013

November New Years Resolution Recap

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over.  I feel that I've made pretty good progress throughout this year and I'm starting to think up of some goals for 2014. Time for one last monthly recap before my annual review.

Complete a 5k in 25 minutes. 
I obviously haven't reached this yet, but I have implemented a new Monday workout focusing on speeding up my mile time.  It's an abbreviated speed workout, something manageable before going to Pilates on Monday nights. I think this goal will be pushed yet again for another year, but I do have one 5k left on the calendar so maybe I'll get just a little bit closer.

Yoga 1x a week. (18/52) (35%)
I did yoga 4 whole times this month!  I still strongly dislike the weekend instructor at my gym but am a fan of the Friday night class, except for it being Fridays at 6pm. My goal is to reach 50% on this goal

Complete 12 items off of my bucket list. (7/12)(58%)
I didn't accomplish any bucket-list items this month, but have been working towards 30 days of no alcohol.  I am currently on day 29 and am very much looking forward to stout on Wednesday.

Volunteer 1x a month (6/12) (50%)
Between working the two job I did not have a chance to do any volunteering.  I am signed up to go back to Stars for our troops on 12/10.  If I could swing one other volunteering opportunity I'd be happy for the year.

Make my bed 1 morning a week(52/52) Complete! (100%)

Travel outside of the Greater Capital District 1x a month. (9/12) (75%)
Saturday I drove out to Syracuse to visit with one of my college roommates and to meet her newborn daughter. I drove directly to her house and directly home, but it was an awesome day and really great to see her family.

Read 33 books (29/33) (88%)
The part time job i had involved staring at a computer screen reading 5th graders hand written essays ( that had been scanned in)  that extra 25 hours a week of reading really made me disinterested in reading. I am working my way through the Shining. Despite the lack of progress, I have no doubt that I'll be able to complete this goal on time.

Save an additional 100 bucks a month. 600/1200 (50%)
part time job for the win.  it turns out i'm not really terrible with my money I just don't make enough to save regularly. this money will go towards my Costa Rica trip at the end of December.

Run in 13 races for 2013 (12/13)  (92%)
I ran two races this month and PR'ed at them both, it turns out all that (fairly) consistent running and hiking this year has paid off.
Stockade-athon 15k
Troy Turkey Trot

Hike 13 High Peaks (17/13) Complete! (100%)
Hike 13 Catskills 3500 (1/13) (8%)
I hiked two more high peaks this month.  They were some of the toughest climbs I've had all year.  They were also the last ones I'll have until 2014 now that my next few weeks are already lined up.  The grand hiking total for 2013 would be 17 high peaks, 1 catkstill 3500 and 1 ADK mountain for a nice 19 peaks.  It's encouraging to know that I can hike 19 peaks since I have only 16 left on my ADK journey.

I've somehow jumped up to 66% completion rate up from 58% last month.  This is mostly because of finally saving some money, but hey, if I could get to 75% I'd consider this to be a passing year!


  1. Great job and I am impressed how well you kept track of everything!

  2. Amazing goals! I plan on lots of running goals this year too and this helps me with my list!

    Xo, J