Sunday, December 15, 2013

Marathon Training False Starts

2013 has been a solid year of running for me,  I successfully made it through the entire year with no injuries and no burnout.  After I completed the stockade-athon I decided that it was time to tackle the marathon (again)  Because of a few other goals that I have for 2014 I decided to run the full marathon at Rock n Roll USA on my old stomping grounds of Washington DC.

I developed a nice plan to start the week of thanksgiving. My first week went well, but then I struggled with the worlds longest stomach bug.  After a week of surviving off of soup and saltines I was super pumped to finally run on Thursday.  

I packed my bag in the morning and headed to the gym directly after work.  On my drive, I realized I had forgotten my headphones so I figured I would probably last 3 miles on the treadmill before succumbed to boredom. Once I was in the parking lot I decided to check my yoga bag to see if I left my extra pair. I saw that luck was on my side and was excited that I would be able to run more like 4-6 miles. 

As I got out of my car I grabbed my bag and realized it felt significantly lighter than normal.  Sure enough my bag lacked shoes.  I knew that I wouldn't be driving home and back to the gym so I headed home and did a Biggest Loser Yoga video as a sad sad substitution. 

Despite the several false starts for marathon training, I've updated my smartcoach plan and am still on track for a solid finish in March.


  1. I've forgot my shoes before too! It's the worst. Glad to hear you are still on track!

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