Friday, December 27, 2013

Costa Rica Adventures: Travel To....

When my friend Jessie & I booked our flights to Costa Rica back in June, I was stoked.knowing that I had a fun vacation planned for December definitely gave me something to look forward to and readjust from my summer sadness with being back at work.

My real vacation began after school on the 20th, I flew to Florida to visit with my family for the holidays and had a chance to hang out with my hilarious 18 month niece. 

After Santa spoiled us all, the next morning I woke up at 5 to drive across Florida to the Fort Lauderdale airport. It was an easy drive and I'm so lucky that mom was willing to drive out with me to take the car back so I wouldn't have to rent one. 

If you're looking for a luxurious airline to fly internationally with, spirit airlines is not for you. If you can handle disgruntled workers that don't try to hide their dislike for you, seats that don't recline, having to pay for carry-on luggage, and no free refreshments then you're golden. 

It was an easy flight, I was fortunate to sit with a man whol has owned a home in Costa Rica for the past 8 years. He gave me some tips and later helped me figure out the money conversion. 

Once I landed and found my way to the first hotel- hotel el cacique. It's a small place run by a younger guy, clean, and very accommodating. I set off to explore with the mission to buy sunscreen and shampoo. I came home with beer instead. I then spent the next few hours chatting with the hotel owner- Johnny, asking lots of questions about Costa Rica and travel in general. Since his only other guest was Jessie joining me, he and I went to pirates the local casino to enjoy some beers & pizza. 
There was some fear that Jessie wouldn't make her flight but I had high hopes for everything working out, After our dinner we headed back and waited.  Even with no real way of knowing if Jessie was on her flight, I stalked the online flight tracker , I did the math for how long it should be until she arrived and was spot on. 

Both exhausted from a long day, we quickly went to bed ready to find our way to La Fortuna / Arenal in the morning.

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