Monday, December 23, 2013

Caloosahatchee Regional Park

I left Albany on Friday night and will not be returning until after the new year, which is a long time to be living out of a bag.  I am trying my best to maintain a semi-normal exercise routine despite the obvious differences.  My smartcoach called for a 10 mile run so I did some research to find a loop that was about 2 miles so that I could store water.

I found that the Caloosahatchee Regional Park (which actually has a half marathon and 5k race coming up) and decided to give it a go.  The directions from the website were great and I had no trouble finding it.  I put 3 bucks into the pay station and set off.

I figured I would stay on the primeter of all of the loops in the interest of not getting lost.  I mentally very much wanted to run but my body has not taken to the sudden jump in warm temperature.  I do run inside most of the winter (which is often warm and humid) but it isn't the same for how warm and humid it felt on the trail.  The selfie I took doesn't do it justice for how sweaty I was after the first 2 mile loop.

I worked at doing the loop faster the second time and did by about 2 minutes.  Then the third loop was a bit of a challenge.  My ankle started to feel sore, I was very sweaty and in general tired. I worked through it at a slower pace (which is okay according to my smartcoach)

About a half a mile from the end of the loop, I heard a very very large scrambling of an animal.  I couldn't see what it was but my gut reaction was an alligator so I took off.  I sprinted as fast and as far as I could go before getting back to my car.  At that point, I decided to call it.  No one else was on the trail and the thought of running into an alligator was more than I had in mind for this run.

It was obviously less than I planned and will try again on Tuesday to get those miles done in order to stay on track for RnR USA.

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