Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Albany Last Run

This past weekend I ran my last race for 2013.  It's been a great year of running for me, I've made my way back from my ankle injury and am nearing my "peak" performance.  I achieved PR's in the 5k, 10k, and 15k.   When I initially signed up for Albany Last Run, I thought that I may try to hit close to my PR again, but after a rough November from work, and a slow start to December due to the stomach bug, I decided to just take it easy.

At the last minute it occurred to me that I own a lot of holiday inspired outfits.
First I put on nearly everything I owned Christmasy
I somehow just realized that it's weird that I don't have a full length mirror....
And then I toned it down a lot.

I also dug out my face mask that I use when hiking.  Noaa.gov was saying it was 9 degrees.

I met up with Jess and her Mom for a few minutes as we sheltered from the cold inside the Egg.  There was a loud announcement about fireworks so we slowly made our way out.  After admiring the fireworks and attempting to take pictures with and of them, we entered the starting corral.  They changed the course this year and everyone seemed a bit confused as which direction we were heading. We initially thought we were at the back of the race and at the last moment, I realized we weren't.  In fact we were right up front with the crazies that would still run 6 minute miles despite the ground being covered in snow, sand, and salt.

I didn't have enough time to move back, so I just had to go with it. Since the weather conditions were so slick, most people were doing this as a true fun run. We headed up the hill and towards the park, the park is all lit up for the holidays and they nice to look at since I've only seen some from the perimeter of the park.

Jess and her mom decided to take pictures and I realized that I was cold and wanted to be back in my apartment as quickly as possible.  I know the park quite well since I run/walk in it often, but with the lights I became completely turned around.  I couldn't figure out where I was.  It definitely didn't help that I thought the race was a point to point not just a big crooked circle. Eventually it all made sense again.

I thought about giving an extra half mile surge, but the roads had become progressively worse and I could see myself falling and skinning my knees, so I maintained instead.

I finished at 30:29.  Not a PR but also not a PW.  The first race I did this year after my long injury was a 5k which I finished 31:23 and had to work for it.  The difference is that this run was comfortable and I came in nearly a minute faster.

I tried to stay to cheer people on but felt very cold very quickly.  I started my walk back up the hill to my apartment.  In the interest of speeding up the process I ran home.  The race was very well organised, cheap, and I like the shirts. There was no water on the course, I'm not sure if this is typical or if its because it was 9 degrees and no one would want a half cup of ice, but I didn't miss it.  I typically don't drink until about 45 minutes in, I do however appreciate the quick opportunity to walk that water stations provide, but I survived just fine. 

With that, I am done racing for 2013.  I reached my goal of running 13 races this year and remaining injury free. 

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  1. I was there too. The same thing happened to me at the start.