Sunday, December 1, 2013

Troy Turkey Trot

 I had big plans for the Troy Turkey Trot 10k.  But then I decided to take on a temporary part time job.  I spent most of November teaching the yougins from 7:45-3:30 and then scoring exams from 5:30-10:30 each night.  This left little time and energy for running.  I didn't totally mind the break after a very busy summer/fall but figured that the turkey trot would no longer have a goal with it.

By the time the turkey trot came along,
I was so un-interested in running that I went to a friends house the night before ate an obscene amount of Vietnamese food, watched a movie and stayed out until way later than I should have before a race.  Instead of staying for more food and a second movie,  I made the drive back to Albany and shivered the entire walk from the park to my apartment.  

I didn't get my running clothes out, I didn't charge my gps, in fact, I made no real indication that I was going to run a 10k in the morning.  I tweeted about DNS'ing and promptly fell asleep. 

I did set an alarm, which I hit snooze on for a while, before getting back on twitter to compain about it being early and cold.  I tried to convince Jen to skip the race too, so I wouldn't feel as guilty, but sadly it didn't work.

I got dressed, ate some breakfast and not-so-secretly hoped that my car wouldn't start so that I would have an excuse not to go to run.  

Despite the cold weather and the 6 years that my car battery and I have been together, the champion corolla started and off I went to Troy.

I found a parking spot easily and walked to the atrium to get my bib/shirt.  

My only complaint for this race ( and I've had this type of complaint often) is that they ran out of small shirts.  IF you are going to ask my my shirt size in advance and I registered over 2 months ago,  please don't give my shirt away to someone who decided to run last minute.  

Anyways, not wanting to walk all the way back to my car to put the shirt away,  I decided to layer it on and just wear it under my fleece. I then spent the rest of the time standing in the Atrium, not warming up like I had initially envisioned months ago.

With less than 10 minutes to start I decided it was time to start "acclimating" to the cold.  I met up with Jen for a moment, listened to my favorite song ever. (yes it's true The National Anthem is in fact my favorite song)  and unwillingly started running.  

I zoned out for most of the race, but here are some of what I do remember thinking about...

Mile 1 :  My feet are really cold.  I don't think I noticed how much mesh is on these.  I wonder if they'll warm up or get colder.

Mile 2:  The wind blowing on everyones bib's sounds cool,  but it'd be even better if it wasn't windy.

Mile 3:  Are we even in Troy anymore?

Mile 4: I think that this is the apartment that I was going to look at last weekend.  I should have looked, it had a great deck.

Mile 5:  I suppose I should try to give my final kick.

Mile 6:  My gps is wrong (per usual)  Where is the 6 mile marker, and I didn't realize we weren't finishing where we started.

10K:  Done.  With a new pr of 1:00:48.  

It is very exciting to have updated so many PRs this year, but as usual leave me wanting more.  I still came in at the back of the pack and more than anything I just want to be average!

The race had 3 water stops, all well stocked, along with water at the finish line.  They even had medals.  I think the Turkey Trot could easily become one of my favorite races.   Kudos for some great organization, it was refreshing after the letdown of the stockade-athon.


  1. I did the 5k in Delmar. I am thinking about the 10k in Troy for next year.

  2. I've ran this race (5k) every year since 2004, this was my first time running the 10k and also PR'd! Congrats! And about the size small shirt, I have a size small but it's a belly shirt. I'd gladly give it away.