Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mile (8'39")

Now that my "A" race for the season is over, I am in a bit of a limbo for the next two weeks before I start training for RnR USA.  I took off all of last week, primarily due to working my second 60+ week in a row and was quite honestly, exhausted.  After physically doing absolutely nothing yesterday.   I felt refreshed and made it to the gym for a quick run before heading off to my second job.

I initially got the idea from another blogger,  I'm not entirely sure who anymore since they haven't done it in a few weeks, but I decided today would be Monday Mile

After checking my 5k PR splits, I knew that I could survive an 8'35 mile pace, so I used that as today's goal.

I did a warm up mile at 10'27 and felt like I could run for days.  After 1 mile, I drank some water, fixed the shoes and got ready to go for a second mile. Once I got moving, I set the treadmill for 7.0 and went for it.

My legs felt great and I focused on keeping my lungs relaxed and breathing evenly. It was a nice quick, successful workout, and a nice reminder that not all runs have to be 6+ miles.

Once I'm done working the evening job, I'll return to my Monday Pilates class, I also hope to continue my mile workouts. As the training runs get longer for RnR USA I think it'll be a nice break for me mentally.

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