Monday, November 4, 2013

ADK 46: Colvin & Blake & Colvin

I can't remember now if this blake from colvin or colvin from blake. but at any rate, I hiked both.
Weather: Nice, overcast, sprinkling, raining, overcast, raining, and finally snow

Who: My friend Karen, her boyfriend, Jen & I

What: Hiking

When: Saturday November 2nd, 2013

Where: Colvin (ranked 39th) & Blake (ranke 43rd), ADK High Peak Region.  St. Huberts parking area

Why: Karen’s boyfriends 1st , Jen’s 4th & 5th, Karen’s 9th, my 29th & 30th peak

How: I could go into a lot of detail about this hike, as it was 14 mile 3 peaks (colvin, blake, colvin) and nearly a 12 hour day.  But, for the sake of readability, we were making great time until we weren’t.  My other friends decided to bail on Blake, where as Jen and I didn’t ever want to climb Colvin again so we didn't turn back. At the time we still had plenty of daylight to work with..  The turtles (ragnar reference there) continued on.

This trail was the most challenging trail I have been on over the course of 30 that I have now completed and Colvin is now the only peak on the “do not ever hike again” list.  This, inadvertently includes Blake unless I try a different approach. I miss judged how long it would take us to summit Blake, which in the end, put us still a mile away from the road (and 4 miles from the car) when we lost day light.

 The day was fun, I enjoy hanging out with Jen since she too is a runner & we have lots of random stuff to chat about.  Plus, shes fresh ears to hear the stories that I like repeating.  (sorry Jen, incase you haven’t yet noticed I talk a lot.) We weren't planning on hiking in the dark, but we were prepared ( more Jen than me since I realized much later that my headlamp hadn't made it back into my bag, but my cell phone was prepared to be used with the flashlight app thankfully Jen had an extra flashlight for me to use as we made our way out safely)

summiting colvin for the first time
Blake Peak for number 30.  
Skills learned/practiced: 
Navigating the trails at night. While it is obviously not my preferred time to hike and would have been insanely freaked out if I had been alone, I knew the day would come when I would be hiking in the dark to get off a mountain.  My only regret is that my first time wasn't planned (or warm and dry)

I need to buy a second headlamp.  Since I often use mine to read in bed, I’m constantly having to pack/unpack it.  By owning a second one, I would eliminate this and would have had my own light on the trail. 

I should invest in a bivy and now that it is no longer summer, a change of clothes should make it into my pack for wet muddy hikes like this one ( when I got home and showered I found that my entire body was covered in mud, despite that I was infact, wearing clothing.)

I need to buy honey whiskey in advance for summit celebrations. Everyone I hike with seems to be more prepared than me. I was stuck with vodka w/cherry juice, but thankfully Jen shared some honey jim with me. Also, now that my next hike will most likely be in the offical winter season - maple jack?

 I thought trail magic only appeared on the AT but was pleased beyond words when some lovely Canadian women gave us some chocolate. 

Also, my boots kept my feet dry all day and after 20 mountains in them, they no longer feel like hell at mile 14.  It took a lot to fully break them in, but I'm glad we made it to this part of our relationship. Therefore if you're looking for boots, mine come highly recommended.  Asolos

part of the reason we lost daylight earlier than anticipated. 


  1. Wow. I can't say as I'm a hiker at all. I've climbed a few hills in LA, but I really don't think that counts. Sounds like a huge challenge.

    1. This hike was rough! I'm taking a bit of break to regroup before tackling the remaining 16 on my list!