Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stockade-athon Weekly Workouts

WEEK 8: 21 Mi
Oct 7
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:43
Oct 8
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:43
Oct 9
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:43
Oct 10
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:43
Oct 12
Easy Run
Dist: 5 Mi @11:43

Per usual, I didn't really follow the plan, but I do feel like I had yet another productive week.

Monday: I did 4 miles on the treadmill before Pilates, and this will probably be the last week that I do both.  It's just such a long time to be at the gym, between getting ready to run, running, stretching, and then waiting until Pilates starts at 715, Mondays will soon be dedicated to just Pilates. (10'11 pace)

Tuesday: I had planned on doing 4 again, but instead went out for some Vietnamese food.  It was delicious, I stand by that being the better choice.

Wednesday:  I switched it up on Wednesday and went to Peebles Island and ran the trail loop twice.  Either I was having an off day or my GPS watch was, because it wasn't quite matching up, but I still managed 4 miles. (average pace of 10'51 )

Thursday: My school had a field trip to apple picking on Thursday and I was outdoors nearly all day.  By the time I got home, my bones were cold.  I had to shower to warm up, which means I skipped my planned run.  I also wanted to clean my apartment and had happy hour plans with some girlfriends. 

Friday:  After school, I headed out for 4 miles near school before driving the 5 hour to my sister's in Long Island.  I'm definitely glad I went for a run before sitting and managed to get it done. (ave pace 10'23)

Saturday: Was dedicated to fun stuff with my sister's family.  We did a 2 mile walk in the morning and as I started to get ready for a run, it became very windy so I put on my sweat and took an afternoon nap instead.

Sunday:  5k Race.  I wanted to do a race with my BIL before they leave the US and found one near their home.   I wrote a full recap yesterday, but the short of it is I ran a 5k PR (27:43) and won my first ever age place award!

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  1. Nice week! Hope this has been a good week for you.