Monday, October 14, 2013

Run for Ross Recap

While most people consider Labor Day the end of the summer season, I see Columbus as being the real end.  Fall has officially begun, the weather has started to become a bit more unpredictable and really, summer should last that extra month.  With that in mind, I decided to head down to the Hamptons for one last weekend with my sister & her family before they head back to their regular, non summer lives.

The weekend was jammed pack with a charity dog walk ( we don't have dogs, but my niece adores them so we went for the viewing), fall fest, and an amazing dinner at Bostwicks.  I had found a 5k in town that welcomed strollers, so I sent the link to my BIL to see if he'd be interested, since the weather was nice, we decided to give it a whirl.

I typically can't run with BIL since he is super fast.  (also an Ironman) but with the added weight and responsibility of pushing the Bug, it put us at a slightly more even playing field.  Initially BIL told me he might be able to push out 10 minute miles while running with the stroller.  I was secretly hoping to PR but didn't push the issue and figured we'd have fun either way.  Once the call was made, we were off and cruising.  Within the first quarter of a mile the only thing I could gasp was "this is not my normal pace"  It probably would have also been helpful to warm up, but I'm still learning how to be a proper runner.

We hit the first mile at 8:35.


I'm not sure I've ever run a mile under 9 minutes ever.  But I did.
I wasn't able to hold onto it, but I kept plugging away trying to keep up with BIL & Bug as they made it look easy.

The course itself was nice, just a quiet neighborhood in  East Hampton.  Almost entirely flat with beautiful homes, though I was really only look at the ground in front of me.  Apparently Steven Spielberg has a home on the block that I ran, but I didn't 'see him, nor would I have a clue if I did.

I definitely slowed down and hit mile two with a pace of 9:05.

I was cooked, despite the cool temperatures, I desperately wanted to run in my bra and shorts instead of the long sleeve shirt I had on, but thankfully for all parties involved, I did manage to keep my shirt on.  I began continuing trees along the road forcing myself to get to a certain number before I could look at my watch again.

Once I could see the road to turn on I kicked it up as much as I could, I finally switched my watch over and saw that a PR was a definite and hauled to the finish.  I finished at 27:43,  which is a new best by a minute and a half.

My BIL and Bug finished a few seconds after me and we enjoyed some post race bagels, bananas and water.  The wind had picked up and it was a bit cool so we were looking to leave, I was chatting with my sister and asked if she saw many women 20-29 come in before me, many of the racers were either students or families of the school that the event host.  She said she hadn't so I popped over to the results and saw that I had come in 3rd for my age group!  There weren't many women in the age group to compete against, but I was still totally stoked.  It was on my bucketlist to age place and I'll take it, especially since it also came with a new PR.

If you're local to East Hampton or a vacationer, I recommend this race,there were two water stations, plenty of course marshals and your standard post race spread, all along Main Beach.


  1. Nice job! It's always a nice surprise when you dig down deep and find something you didn't think you had in you. Congrats on your PR and age group placement!!

  2. Congrats on your new PR! I'm so happy for you Christine! That's a huge PR for a 5K!