Sunday, October 20, 2013

ADK 46: Tabletop Mountain

While I truly enjoy hiking alone, this weekend was a nice change of pace, two of my good friends from high school were in town (one hiked the AT on a thru hike last year, the other tackled the dix range with me a few months back) so we decided to knock off another good hike before our high school crew party.

From the beginning, I had misjudged just about everything.  I thought that the drive from Saratoga (as opposed from Albany) would be much shorter to the ADK.  It wasn't, since I live off the freeway and and my friends live further out, at any rate, once I picked up the guys, we made our way to Heart Lake/ High Peaks Information Center/ Adirondak Loj.

Here we met up with Jen & her friend and quickly hit the trail. (8:30am)  I was fairly confident that we were on the right path, but after passing the split for Phelps with no indication that Tabletop was around,  I started to get a bit nervous.  I checked the book twice and the map once but was still not convinced we were on the correct trail.  Thankfully, after evaluating the map I finally felt confident that we were headed in the correct direction.  Shortly after we came upon the split.

While Tabletop is not officially marked, the herd path is obvious and in the beginning there are some caution ribbon to help guide you along a very windy narrow trail.  After weaving through for a few minutes, we came upon a creek, which we hiked up for the remainder of the hike.  Once we reached the more "tabletop" portion of the summit, the trail turned into mud.  Lots of it. A few toes were soaked but we were in generally good spirits as we made it to the summit.  We got to the top & enjoyed our respective lunches and relaxed.

I couldn't make "28" with my hands and didn't know what to do except stand awkwardly 

After taking photos and guessing at which mountain was which, we began to make our way down.  We worked our way backwards from mud, to river, back to dry land as we left the summit of Tabletop.  It seemed to go by quickly and I felt the most comfortable I have ever while descending (maybe my ankle is feeling stronger?)  I did slip off a small boulder but managed to land on my feet and only graze my bottom, I feel confident there is a bruise, but I haven't bothered to investigate yet.

yes, this was the trail.
While on the summit, I had finally put on the gaiters I had bought ages ago and was quite pleased that  I did, it kept my socks dry and boots mostly dry considering how wet the trail was. I could probably benefit from higher ones since I apparently enjoy hitting the side of my calves.

There was some descending as we made our way towards Phelps, but once there, it was fairly level for the remainder of the hike. The hike was filled with a lot of random hilarious conversations and a great time.  It was nice to hike with others, I suppose I should give it more of a shot for the remaining 18 peaks that I have.

High Peak Rank: 19
Elevation 4,427
High Peaks Climbed to date: 28. 


  1. Sounds like a nice hike! I quite enjoyed Table Top, although I don't remember quite that much water/mud (of course there was SOME since it's the ADKs after all).

    1. I was surprised, most of my hikes have been fairly dry this year!

  2. Sounds like a great day! And gorgeous too- I love mountains!

    1. me too! I didn't realized I missed them so much when I was living in San Diego / DC. It would be hard to pull me away from this area now.