Monday, October 21, 2013

15k PR Training Week 9

WEEK 9: 27 Mi
Oct 14
Easy Run
Dist: 3 Mi @11:43
Oct 15
Easy Run
Dist: 3 Mi @11:43
Oct 16
Tempo Run
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 10:11; Cool
Oct 17
Easy Run
Dist: 2 Mi @11:43
Oct 19
Long Run
Dist: 13 Mi @11:43

Monday:  I spent the day in Long Island with my family.  I almost went for a run but in true form, I took a nap instead. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone before they move back overseas

Tuesday: 3.24-3.5ish miles 10'28ish I went for a run in the neighbor hood and my gps was off the entire time.  I had never experienced this before and at first just thought that it was because I was actually running slower, but after comparing it to a previous exact run, it was by almost .30 at anyrate.  

Wednesday: 6 miles (10'22 pace) I wanted to force myself to hit some faster paces, which I have a hard time doing while just out for a run, so I headed to my favorite treadmill and got it done.  

Thursday:  3 miles 11:54 pace Immediately after work my coworker and I headed out for a 3 mile run.  She set the pace and we went for it.  I had done part of the route before and there are some definite hills.  We even ran up the beast that is our schools driveway.  

Friday:  Rest I had initially hoped to get one more shorter run in before the weekend, but ultimately my apartment desperately needed attention and I had to pack for the weekend. 

Saturday: Tabletop Mountain 9 miles RT with 2,270 elevation gain.

Sunday:  After the hike on Saturday, the rest of the evening was spent with great friends and ended with sleeping on a hardwood floor.  Needless to say, while my legs felt great, no physical activity happened for the day.

This was a pretty solid week.  I knew in advance that I'd be skipping the long run yet again for another high peak hike.  I really do hope that all the hiking I have been doing will prove to be beneficial, I'll get to find out a bit this upcoming weekend when I run my first trail half marathon!

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