Monday, September 30, 2013

Stockade-a-thon training

WEEK 6: 25 Mi
Sep 23
Easy Run
Dist: 3 Mi @11:48
Sep 24
Easy Run
Dist: 2 Mi @11:48
Sep 25
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 9:35 w/800 jogs; Cool
Sep 26
Easy Run
Dist: 2 Mi @11:48
Sep 28
Long Run
Dist: 12 Mi @11:48

So Smartcoach did not have a ragnar relay infused in it's plan.  So this week looked completely different than perscribed, but I do still think I am on the right track.

Anyhow, here is how my week played out.

Monday: 3 miles (10:35)  & Pilates
I didn't want to go to pilates or run, or really do anything. But somehow I managed to get myself out the door and to the gym in order to make it to class.  I had initally compromised with myself that I just had to go to pilates.  But I did pack my sneakers and after class I was finally ready to run.
(steps 12,115)

Tuesday:  Rest
I had a staff meeting & then went to a workshop at LLBean.  I didn't give myself enough time to get those 2 miles in.
(steps 7,559)

Wednesday: Rest
I thought about doing a 6 mile run.  Packed a bag to go from work but in the end decided that because I'd be running high for me mileage in a short amount of time at Ragnar, it would be okay to skip a speed workout this week.
(steps 7,945)

Thursday: 3 mile run w/coworker
Alot of my coworkers run and finally one wanted to run with me! Because our classroom is used for an afterschool club, we get kicked out of it by 3pm on Thursdays, this also happens to be a day that my co-workers son is in a club so she has some extra time.  We quickly changed after car-line and went for a run in the area.  We weren't really sure where to go, so we just explored the streets around our school.  This was one of CW first ourdoor runs back after an injury so we took her pace, plus with raganr looming I knew I didn't want to push my luck.  On our way back we ran into another teacher who was coming back from her run and we discussed setting up a bit of a Thursday running club, which I think would be awesome.  I'm looking forward to doing it again this week.
(steps 13,386)

Friday:  Ragnar leg 1. 4.8 miles
I'll have a lot more to say about Ragnar one I can wrap my head around such an awesome weekend.
(steps 14,990)

Ragnar leg 2: 8.3 miles
Ragnar leg 3. 4.8 miles
(steps 33,194)

Not a damn thing.

Mileage total: 24.06

Overall, after the scare of a tight calf/shin issue last week - I am quite happy to report that I had no trouble with either this wekeend.  ( they are both rather sore now, but i think that's normal after spending a lot of time in a van and running more in a short amount of time.)

Another week down, 41 days to go!

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