Monday, September 2, 2013

August New Years Resolution Recap

Complete a 5k in 25 minutes. 
I ended up not doing the 5k I thought I would do in August (and decided to do a 15k instead)  But my pace is coming together nicely.  I don't think a 25 minute 5k is in the cards this year, but I do thing a 5k PR still is.  

Yoga 1x a week. (11/52) (21%)
I started doing a yoga sequence in my apartment.  It has a strong emphasis on hips, which helps open up mine and release a lot of the tension I seem to hold there.  I'm still a ways off, but I'm nearing the max I had done last year, so I think there has been some improvement.

Complete 12 items off of my bucket list. (3/12) (25%)
I went to my very first NASCAR race, which was on the bucket list. If you missed it, you can read about my weekend here. I climbed a bunch of high peaks which works towards a major bucketlist goal.  I've also registered for the Ragnar Relay & have started my personal challenge of not hitting snooze for 4 weeks.  ( I week down, 3 to go!)

Volunteer 1x a month (5/12) (42%)
I volunteered at Stars for Our Troops again during the month of August &
 also volunteered for the Back Stretch Kids.

Make my bed 1 morning a week(52/52) (100%)
Now that I am back to work, making a bed has remain apart of my morning.  I'll continue to make my bed, but I won't be keeping track anymore.  New years resolution success!

Travel outside of the Greater Capital District 1x a month. (7/12) (58%)
I'm not entirely sure that Watkins Glen International Speedway should count, but it will, for now.

Read 33 books (23/33) (70%)
Only two books were read,  Under the Dome was such a massive undertaking it took a while to get through and then I needed a bit of a breather on reading.  
I also read the Tao of Montessori in hopes of getting myself amped up for a new school year.

Save an additional 100 bucks a month (0%)
I still haven't saved.  BUT i also didn't use my credit card once this month.  That should count for something.

Run in 13 races for 2013 (6/13) (46%)
I ran the Indian Ladder 15k Trail Race.  Which seemed to spark my love for running again.  I also ran a Monday night series trail 5k race, which I viewed more as a group run than race. ( and an ass kicking run at that)

Hike 13 High Peaks (12/13) (92%)
I made a huge leap this month.  I was finally able to knock Esther off the list after skipping it by accident nearly 7 years ago. I also made a huge dent towards my 46ership by completing the Dix range.  I'll just need one more peak to hit this goal for the year (although I now have a goal of completing the 46 by next September) 

Hike 13 Catskill 3500 (0%)
Still no Catskill climbs for me.  

Overall I have a 45.4% completion rate.  Still lots of room to grow and things to accomplish!

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