Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5.5 Hours in Manhattan (&Brooklyn)

After an excellent run in the Vermont country side, I spent the rest of Saturday being fairly lazy.  But bright and early on Sunday my alarm went off for me to make my way down to Manhattan.

My sister was a new yorker a long time.  She had lived in midtown, upper west, west village and it seems like everywhere in between ( I helped her move several times, PS sis, I'm still waiting for you to help me move!)

Anyhow,  despite my many visits to NYC I haven't done many "touristy" things. A friend from London was in town for business this weekend, so I took full advantage to be a visitor. 

Hours 0-2
We met at Barbuto for lunch.  We took our time, we had met for drinks last summer when I was in London so we had plenty to catch up on.

Hours 2-3
 After lunch, we took a quick walk to my favorite part of the High Line.  ( where you get to sit and watch the traffic below ) After Rob suggested that we take the water Taxi to Brooklyn.  This is a fairly reasonable option.  One way tickets cost 17 bucks and a few random facts are thrown at you from the "guide."

some people were folded during the panoramic

Hours 3-4
We got off the boat in Brooklyn and wandered around the park and came across a group dance party/fitness class.

With my phenomenal map reading skills or maybe just the fact that we could see the bridge at all points, that we found our way to the stairs leading up.  We took our time walking along the bridge, snapping photos, telling surprisingly similar stories despite growing up in two different countries.

Hours 4-5.5
By this time, we were ready to sit indoors and enjoy a bit of central air. We found a bar with plenty of large screens and I attempted to explain the rules of football.  I was quite pleased with myself for knowing most of the rules/calls.  Sadly, I could only stay for one beer before I had to head back up to port authority to catch my evening bus. 

All in all, it was an excellent touristy day down in the city.  And for me, as someone who doesn't love NYC. the perfect amount of time to spend there.

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  1. Sounds like a quick but fun trip to NYC to see a friend!