Monday, September 16, 2013

15k Training Week 4

Thankfully this week was a cut back week for 15k training.  Between Mapleleaf Half Marathon, Sightseeing in NYC and being back at school for the first full week, I was exhausted.

Smart coach wanted me to do:

Sep 9
Easy Run
Dist: 5 Mi @11:50
Sep 11
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:50
Sep 12
Easy Run
Dist: 4 Mi @11:50
Sep 14
Easy Run
Dist: 5 Mi @11:50

What my week really looked like

Monday: Rest. I thought about going to body-pump for about 35 seconds and decided against it.
(fitbit steps 6,045)

Tuesday: 4 mile run @ 10:49 - my legs still felt heavy/tired from the weekend activities so I took it easy on myself and planned a flat route.  I did have negative splits once I got moving (11'00, 10'50, 10'46, 10'41)
(fitbit steps 14,442)

Wednesday: Back to school night. So not only did I have a full day of school I also had a full evening with parents.  It was really nice to see the returning families and to meet the new ones again.  But it was a long day.
(fitbit steps 8,545)

Thursday: a preview of the end of the world came via rain and it was a very wet day.  I'm not that hardcore so I went to the gym and ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I forgot my headphones so I had to go without. wah. 4 miles @10:28 (10'29, 10'09, 10'08, 9'57)
(Fitbit steps 16,469)

Friday:  I thought about going for a run.  For a while.  Instead I packed for hiking, laid in bed, and eventually left my house to be social for pizza night with some friends.  Some of my friends were kind enough to let me sleep at their home rather than driving back to Albany only to drive north again for hiking.
(fitbit steps 9,852)

Saturday: Hiked Lower Wolfjaw Mountain.  10 miles R/T in about 6 hours including breaks which is super fast for me.  I sense that I am just on the brink of picking up speed/endurance.
(fitbit steps 34,105)

Sunday:  I initially had plans to try race a 5k in the neighborhood but waking up with swollen feet and just plain tired, I decided against it and save my 20 bucks for a day that I have a better chance of reaching a new PR
(fitbit steps 2,464)

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