Wednesday, September 11, 2013

15k PR Training

So now that school has really really started. (full day with 21 3-6 year olds)  I can't keep track of which week it is in my 15k training.  What I do know, is that I keep meaning to have these post ready to go by Monday and well, that hasn't happened just yet.  

So a full week and half later, here's what I did LAST week.  I'll be more timely soon.

Smart Coach // Actual
Monday: 3 miles @ 11:53 //  Yoga.
I was only slighly tired from my hike the day before, but threatening storms all day kept me from really wanting to run.

Tuesday: 6 miles inc 4 miles @10:20 //6 miles @ 10:19
I suspect I only had to do 4 miles at that pace, but it was a comfortable run.  I'm very happy to see that my relaxed pace is beginning to fall back into the 10's!

Wednesday: Rest // Rest
It was a week ago, I can't quite remember what I was doing.  I think I went out for coffee.

Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:53 // 3 miles at 10:36
I took this run fairly easy.  I had the day off from school and found myself at Corning Preserve around 1pm.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot. 

Friday: 3 miles @ 11:53// Rest
I was going to run, but after a seemingly endless day at school, I had just a little bit of time before the dinner plans I had.  I ended up staying at school too late, that my only option was to head home before dinner.  I didn't totally mind since my fitbit tells me that I walked 2.01 miles.

Saturday: 11 miles @ 11:53 // 13.1 Miles @ 10:26
Saturday was the Maple Leaf Half marathon.  A full recap can be found here.  Otherwise,  I had a great run and enjoyed Vermont and kept a pretty great pace.  Soon enough I'll be skating near my old PR again!

Sunday: Rest // 7 miles of sight seeing in NYC

While I don't mind a good lazy day, Sunday was not one of those.  I got my day after half marathon legs moving and loose. 

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