Wednesday, September 4, 2013

15k PR Training Week 2

This week was the sad readjustment of my priorities.  They went from Running, Hiking, Everything else, Teaching back to Teaching, running, hiking, everything else.  This week at school it was only set up week.  Lots of pushing furniture around, creating materials, and preparing the environment for a full class of 21 3-6 year olds.  It was a bit of a reminder of having to pack my clothes and food for the next day, but I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things soon.

SmartCoach's Plan // Actual 

Monday:  3 miles @ 11:55 // 5k Trail Race.  Jen had invited me to run a trail run put on by the local running clubs,  I figured I was going to do 3 miles anyways that I would give it a whirl.  It was a TOUGH course.  It had been raining before had so the grass was wet.  I took it easy and definitely was a bit beat up on the hills. Not to mention I made the mistake of wearing my newer sneakers ( I don't mind if they get dirty) but I didn't realize there was a section of the trail that included fording a river. I contemplated stopping to take them off but I went for it anyways. At least my new shoes will be nicely worn in before my next few races!

Tuesday: rest// rest

Wednesday: 6 miles inc warm up 3x1600 @ 9:42 w 800 jogs // 6 miles (10:15).  I did a mile warm up and then tried to hit the planned 9:42. I did it for one mile but struggled the entire time.  It was hot & humid in the gym.  I contemplated quitting, instead I slowed down some to make it more manageable.

Thursday 2 miles @ 11:55 // 2 miles (10:13)   I had no desire to run.  at all.  but eventually I was able to lace up and go for a quick jog around the neighborhood

Friday: rest // rest

Saturday: 11 miles @ 11:55 // tag games & Zac Brown Band concert
 I should have run on Saturday but after spending my morning volunteering I lost the day to the humidity. Initially the plan was to go hiking on both Sunday & Monday and I thought an 11 mile run would have been overkill.  It would have been, but a 4-5 mile run would have been okay.  At least I did get some miles/hills via hiking.  With a half marathon on the schedule for Saturday, I don't feel too guilty for giving my legs a bit of a breather.

Sunday: Hiked Kaaterskill High Peak ( RT 8.5 miles)

I was a bit weak with the cross training this week.  Something I definitely need to work on for the next week!

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