Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seen on my Run Sunday

I always feel like I'm cheating when I do treadmill runs in the middle of summer, but the truth is- I am not willing to wake up early to beat the heat & don't want to spend my whole day waiting for the temperatures to go down to get my runs in- so I've been logging some summer miles on my favorite treadmill (#4). 

However, I return to work tomorrow after a glorious 72 days off. So I'll be finding myself back in the great outdoors atleast until the darkness sets in.

I logged 9 miles on the treadmill this week but did get outside for a 10 mile run. I ran past/through two local colleges and had a slight pang of jealously while watching the students move into the dorms.  

Anyhow I only grabbed two photos and technically the first one was for a walk I took with a friend in Washington Park. I did see these birds together again during the last mile of my long run, but I was hustling (9'44" pace!) so didn't stop to get an "official" seen on a run photo.

SUNY Albany. I may or may not have run through a sprinkler. 

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  1. I left my "good" shoes back in Troy and it is driving me crazy because I was planning an 8 mile run this week. Oops. Going to have to be all shorter runs and a 10 mile run next week. You and Jessie are going to smoke me in Vermont. One of these days I'll actually train for one of the halfs I've signed up for :P