Friday, August 9, 2013

Seen on My Run Sunday

I've had quite the week, it seems that the Indian Ladder Trail run has rekindled my running flame. I was sore on Tuesday, but not unbearable. I went to my first Bodypump class and then wanted to give my new sneakers a go. I've been a fairly dedicated Nike Pegasus runner so I've made a huge switch to becoming an ASIC's runner. My cumulus arrived Monday afternoon so after bodypump I threw some stuff in the slowcooker and went out for a short 1 mile run to get a feel for them. 

Flowers in Washington Park

Loud new shoes! 

I like they way they fit- but it's too early in our relationship for me to have much to say. 

Tuesday I went and hiked Esther Mountain. I'm so close to being halfway I can nearly taste it! 

I took a lazy day on Wednesday and decided to go for a run around 11 am on Thursday. This was definitely not my best choice. I was very heated and straight up struggling. But I did run to a different lake park in the neighborhood-ish.

I also snuck on one treadmill run. All in all a great week for running! 

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