Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Years Resolution July Recap

It's that time again, a new month, a clean slate and a chance to continue to tackle new year resolutions. I've made some progress, but there is still plenty more to be made.  I do like the way most of my new years resolutions allow to work towards them all year.  Maybe I'll be a better person by 2014.

Complete a 5k in 25 minutes. 
I've been doing RLRF workouts on the treadmill and have seen my pace begin to improve.  I plan on doing a 5k next weekend to see how I am measuring up.

Yoga 1x a week. (9/52)
Considering I was only in town half of the month, I did manage to make it to one class.  It was a Thursday at 10:30am and packed.  What do all these other people do that they can go to a mid morning yoga class?  Not everyone there was a teacher, doctor, nurse, police officer, retired, or homemaker.!

Complete 12 items off of my bucket list. (2/12)
Nothing accomplished.  But I did get 2 more peaks which is progress towards one of my bucket list items...

Volunteer 1x a month (3/12)
I typically volunteer at race but finally tried something different and did Stars for Our Troops.  I will definitely go back, it was a good evening.  Yesterday I wrote a post about my experience, check it out. There are additional links if you're interested in the organization!

Make my bed 1 morning a week(48/52)
I'll be honest, I wasn't great about making my bed while down in LI.  But, now that I'm back in my own bed, I'll be sure to keep up the habit.

Travel outside of the Greater Capital District 1x a month. (7/12)
I did travel outside of Albany twice.  Both to places I've been before, but still fun.

Read 33 books (21/33)
  1. What I talk about when I talk about running - Haruki Murakami
  2. Divergent - Veronica Roth
  3. The Last American Man - Elizabeth Gilbert
Only three books have been read,  but I am reading Under The Dome which is 1,072 pages so it has slowed up the average a bit.  GoodReads says I am 2 books ahead of schedule.  

Save an additional 100 bucks a month 
Womp womp.  Saving money continues to elude me.  But I switched my health insurance plan ( I now save 10 bucks a month) and my new salary scale will set in next pay check. 

Run in 13 races for 2013 (5/13)
I hadn't planned on it, but I did race this month. Jamestown Half Marathon. I have a 5k in mind for August am registered for a half in Sept and am toying with some race options for October I think I can get there without over doing it.

Hike 13 High Peaks (6/13)
I finally got my act together and went up to knock off two more peaks.  I almost went on the last day of July, but instead spent the evening before with friends at a bonfire.
Hike 13 Catskill 3500
I'm not sure what my deal is with avoiding the Catskills, but I'll get there.  Right now I'm too obsessed with knocking off ADK high peaks.

So there is another month for the books!


  1. Well done! I can't believe how active you are, it's really impressive!

    I hear we are competing for miles in August? What's your goal? I got 45 for July, hopefully I will finally master using Nike+! I signed up for the maple leaf, too, but I hear you refuse to wear a tutu?


    1. thanks jess! just imagine how busy i would be if i met all of my goals! Competing yes,my goal is to beat july (55) so Maybe 60? and I have no desire to wear a tutu!

  2. I feel like you have already accomplished so much this year Christine!

  3. what race are you running in September?

    1. Maple Leaf in Vermont - I thought about Palio but friends were doing ML so I went with that instead.