Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Goals

Gasp, it's hard to believe I just have a few more days before I report back to school.  This summer has been jammed pack and while I did a lot, there was still more that I wish I could have accomplished.  But as I am taking a break from lesson planning and material building, I was distracted by my fall running goals.  It has taken nearly 7 months to find my running stride after last years ankle injury.  My pace is slowly but surely coming back to the 10's.  Running is fun again
and not a form of personal torture.

I am signed up for a handful of fall races, SEFCU 5k, Maple Leaf Half Marathon, RagnarADK, and the Stockade-athon 15k.

While each of these races deserve their own attention to training, I've decided to focus on the Stockade-athon as my "A" race for the fall.

I used Runners World's smart coach to help create a plan.

Despite putting in my fast race time so far this year (Freihofers run for women)  It still gave me very manageable paces to be running at.  Maybe I've read Run Less Run Faster too many times, but I'm confused as how it predicts that I can run a 10 minute pace for a 15k with only one run a week hitting that pace during speed training.  

I plan on following this plan in terms of mileage and speedwork outs, but I may try to push myself a bit more to hit faster pace than prescribed.  

Things that I'll add to the plan:
  • Hiking: I mapped out my remaining mountains and so long as I keep going North once a month, I'll be able to complete my 46 by next Fall.
  • Conditioning:  Either Pilates or bodypump

It'll be a bit of a transition for the next 3 weeks as I go back to work and having to plan time in advance for run/workout rather than whenever I feel like it but having an actual plan will most definitely keep me focused.  

Do you have an "A" race lined up for the fall?

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  1. I have been in this area for years and never run the Stockade-a-thon, but I think I am going to be able to hit it this year :-)
    In regards to your question about hitting a race pace if you only do it once a week in training: everything that I have read indicates that you should only be training at or below race pace for 5-15% of your weekly workouts. Long and easy runs should make up the bulk (85%) of your training. The idea is that you run at an easer pace to build endurance, and don't over fatigue yourself. This leaves your body ready to work hard on the speed days. The weeks of training, coupled with tapering allow you to hit that pace come race day.
    I had a hard time believing in this training philosphy, but I am starting to see it work for myself this season. I'm starting to become a believer.

    Good luck!