Monday, August 26, 2013

15k PR or Bust

I don't normally put a lot of focus on PR'ing because it adds unnecessary pressure to a race.  Not every run is going to  be great and sometimes even with the best training race day just isn't meant to be your day. (Ask me about Camp Pendleton's Heartbreak Ridge sometime) But, by focusing on  PR, my chances of becoming a stronger runner are far greater than simply going through the motions. So here I am less than 12 weeks out from the Stockade-athon and doing a little weekly workout recap.

My runners world smart coach had me doing 3 runs this week
(most likely because I decided play on it mid week)

Wednesday: 6 miles (with 4 miles at 10:24)
Thursday: 2 miles @ 11:57
Saturday: 10 miles @ 11:57

What my week really ended up looking like:

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: 6 miles @ 10:21
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Pilates & 3 mile run (9:44)
Saturday: 10 Mile run (11:05)
Sunday:  Bodypump

While runners world has me keeping a far more conservative pace,  I did take it easy the 3 & 10 mile

runs. Okay, so I obviously pushed to hit 9:44

BUT, I wasn't completely trashed finishing with that pace.  And was able to knock out the 10 miles the next day.  While I understand the logic of not going out hard for every run, I'm so excited to have some of my old pace back that I don't really want to spend this training cycle going slower than I what I've been doing.

I am quite pleased with how my workout went this week.  I had contemplated hiking, was packed and even slept at some friend's home north of Albany preparing to go, but my legs felt tired today, so I decided to wait.  The mountains will still be there next week!

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  1. Great job listening to your body! I know long runs are made to be easy and speed work during the week is important, but during my half training last winter I was hitting my paces and often averaging 30-45 seconds below what my goal was. Run how you feel; if you feel good, run what feels good! That's my UNeducated opinion.