Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seen on My Run Sunday - Amagansett, NY

I am back down in Amagansett, NY to spend time with my family & to babysit my niece while my sister and BIL attend a wedding in Calgary, CA. My parents have been around, so I haven't been completely on my own while babysitting, but mostly they're around to clean up the disasters I make in the kitchen from cooking/feeding the ham and watching the monitor so I can go out for a run after I've put her to bed.  I've been able to get in a few good runs this week and am pleased to see that my pace is starting to go up without having to put in a whole lot of effort.  So a quick review of things seen on my run 

wild raspberries at the end of the driveway.

On Sunday we had a delicious lunch at my sisters where I had two glasses of wine, I still managed to go out for a quick 3 mile run before we continued our eating and drinking feast at Inlet Seafood but I could definitely feel the dehydration.

One day I decided to find the local high school track and do some 800 repeats.  My goal was 5, I did 3 before maxing out.  I was pretty stoked to see some of the numbers that were coming up on my watch.

While most days have been beautiful, there were some angry weather days as well.  

Thankfully it didn't last long, and beautiful weather has returned.


  1. The scenery is just gorgeous! And running after wine? I am super impressed. I am usually half asleep:)

  2. No chance I could go out for a run after not going to happen. Looks like a great trip and new

  3. We've had some angry weather days lately too but then we have days like today where it's supposed to rain all day but it's been sunny for hours!