Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NYC Pride

Staying out on the far tip of Long Island was a very relaxing week.  I spent quite a bit of time with my family (my parents have a home there this summer, as does my sister & her family - who(m?) normally live in London. While I am known to love the beach life ( I did spend 3 years in San Diego and would drop everything to move to San Sebastian Spain)  I was itching to see some friends and do something other than run, read, beach, and play with my adorable niece (tough life, I know.)  So when I heard that my friends Greg & Julie would be in NYC for the Pride Fest, I decided I would tag along.  

I left Amagansett at 7:30 and took the LIRR into Penn Station. It was a fairly uneventful train ride, I listen to some podcast and fell asleep a few times.  Once in Penn, I quickly found a Starbucks and waited for J & G to arrive on their train from Albany.

I had worn white pants before realizing:
 1. I was significantly overdressed for the event 
2 it was going to be quite hot 
3. my pants would be filthy. 
 So I ended up buying myself a pair of tacky I love NY booty shorts. 

We walked along the parade route until we found a spot that we liked.  From there we spent a good chunk of the day cheering for the different parade "floats" (lots of walker) and dancing along with any music.

At one point, we were sitting on the barricade relaxing since the parade was already nearing it's 2nd hour when Greg slipped, pulling on Julie, who then pulled on me, we all went down onto the sidewalk and thankfully missing the fire hydrants as we landed.  I had the wind knocked out of me pretty good, so I spent a few extra minutes catching my breath.  
After nearly 3 hours and the parade in full swing, we decided that food was critical.  We left the parade and walked along and found a pizza & pasta place.  The pizzas were quite large, but that didn't stop us from us each eating our own.  It was delicious.  We then decided to talk along the route stopping to watch parts of the parade.  Once we made it near the end of the route, I decided that it was time for me to venture back towards Amagansett.  

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I walked damn near across the entire city before I bothered hailing a cab, since I knew it would just be a headache trying to get one near the parade.  I had decided to take the jitney back and found the random stop along 40th.  Unfortunately, it was sold out.  I was stuck in the neighborhood for an extra hour.  I had made a new friend though, who booked a bus ticket for me online since my phone was dead.  We headed into a bar to watch some of the Spain and Brazil soccer match before our 7pm jitney arrived.  

The bus was nice with wifi and outlets (had i brought a charger it would have been awesome!) but instead I fell asleep for a bit and spent the remainder of the ride learning about my new friend.  

The unfortunate thing about having a dead cell phone is that my family had no idea I was back in town.  I waited for about 30 minutes hoping they'd figure it out, before making a silent prayer while I tried to turn the iphone on.  By sheer luck it had just enough juice to turn on and allow for me to call my parents.  

Overall it was a wonderful experience. I fully support equal rights for all and seeing the celebration for the end of DOMA and Prop 8 was awesome.   While there is still quite a bit of work to be done (37 more states and overall more acceptance) it was a great party filled with people being damn happy with who they are.

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  1. Pride Weekend is always one of my favorites in Chicago - but it looks even crazier in NYC:) So glad you had a great time!