Monday, July 15, 2013

Jamestown Half Marathon - Race Recap

Remember all that running and training I was doing for the Jamestown, RI Half Marathon? 
Well me either. 
Since Lake Placid, I've been dividing my time between work out classes, very few runs, and workout videos.

In fact, I had only been on a handful of runs since June 9th, with the total being under 20 miles. 

Spoiler alert:  I ran a half marathon this weekend:

Two of my friends were planning on running the Jamestown race and I had planned to either spectate or volunteer. I had a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday and wasn't sure if I'd feel up for running because (1. I hadn't been training and 2. Well, it's a bit of a process to have a colonoscopy) (side note: everything went great with the colonoscopy and for those who care/ I am no longer showing signs of ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease yay remission! ) 

On Friday morning Jess picked me up and we headed to RI. The drive was quite easy and we found our super 8 without much trouble. After enjoying some non-car time, we headed to the packet pick up. I was still thinking of volunteering but ultimately my race envy got the best of me and I decided to register. 

The weather before & after the race.  The temp would be Ah-mazing, if it wasn't paired with 97% and 90% humidity!

Come Saturday morning, we headed to SLOTs, where we would pick up the shuttle to the race start.  As with every race I've done with a shuttle, it started late due to the stragglers. (come on people!  the race starts at 6:30, you need to be there BEFORE.)  While we waited for 25 minutes, we took a few pictures and chatted.  I began to lose my race envy and was wishing that I wasn't about to embark on a 13 mile run sans training.  
JB having a moment

the jessica's

wah, i don't feel like running anymore but now i've paid an obscene amount for race day registration!
Finally at 6:54am (thanks gps watch) I crossed the start mat and began the journey around Jamestown Island.  I was under the impression that this was a flat & scenic course.  I have no idea where I got that idea from because it wasn't flat.

It was hilly, they weren't la jolla or mountain goat hills, but it certainly wasn't flat.  It was a beautiful New England road with occasional views of the water. Jess & Jessie & I ran together for the first 5 miles (maybe 6?). Our goal was to start conservatively and then pick it up on the back half if we felt it.  This is the exact opposite of what I did at Lake Placid last month, and I did find the Jamestown race far more enjoyable.  
jessie practicing her heel click for the finish line

you can't see it here, because of the marine layer, but there is a cool looking bridge in this shot.

During Lake Placid, I had hit the wall somewhere between mile 6 & 7 which made the second half seem incredibly long. And while I saw the wall looming, I didn't seem to hit it during this race. I was also running about 15 seconds per mile slower than LP, which may have helped. 

The race was fun and a challenging course.  During the second half, I found myself passing way more people than I felt that I deserved. But was not so secretly proud of my pacing skills that kept me from having to walk.

I thought about trying the 10-1 method throughout the whole race.  After the first 10 minutes, I thought maybe I'd try 20-1 and so on until I found myself at mile 10 and finally walked for 2 minutes from the mile marker to the water station before starting to run again.  Despite walking, mile 10 was not my slowest mile so maybe it's a method I should give more consideration.

Once I made it through the finishers chute ((2:31:50 - avg pace 11:35)),that had deflated and was being held up by a volunteer.  I grabbed as much watermelon as I could hold and began looking for the others. We found each other easily, took our obligatory finisher photos and headed to the line for the shuttle.

The line moved fairly quickly and we were on our way back to the parking lot & to our hotel, where we had thankfully had requested late checkout. 

After some unfortunately quick yet refreshing showers, Jess headed back to NY while Jessie & I headed to Boston.

Without planning on it:

11th half marathon
5th race for 2013
4th state complete (I'm not actively racing the states but, kinda cool to keep track)


  1. Woohoo! Congrats! Looks like a beautiful course!

  2. " Remember all that running and training I was doing for the Jamestown, RI Half Marathon? No? Well me either. "

    HAHAHAHA! You're a champ!

    Also, I think you mean "SLUTs"

    Also, I'm stealing your pictures.

    Also, let's find a race for August, know of anything? Silks and Satins is this weekend, but my mom and I agree that it's too hot to run :P

    La Quaintrelle

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