Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Resolution Recap

Complete a 5k in 25 minutes. 
yeah yeah, thorn in my side.  While I'd like for this to be my focus, I'm looking at big distances.  This may be a winter goal when I don't want to be outside for hours at a time.

Yoga 1x a week. (7/52)
I am still significantly behind, but I went twice this month! Woot!

Complete 12 items off of my bucket list (2/12)
I didn't think I was going to accomplish anything but then an opportunity came up.  I was invited to go to the high ropes course in the ADKs on Memorial day.  I finally went Zip lining and had an absolute blast. The best part of having a bucket list is that it is a reminder to just say YES sometimes.  It doesn't do anyone any favors to wait.

Volunteer 1x a month (2/12)
Surprisingly enough I was able to volunteer this month, not once but twice!  I helped pour all of the water at the finish line of the CDPHP Corporate Challenge.  This ended up being a lot of fun and an awesome view point of the start and finish.(since only volunteers and essential personnel were allowed in the chute) I also decided to volunteer for the expo for the Freihofers Run for Women.  I was registered to run it and figured I was free the evening before to help.  I was passing out the bibs and t-shirts for the 45+  finish time and met some awesome first time racers.  Packet pickup is probably my favorite place to volunteer at races.

so much water!
Make my bed 1 morning a week(29/52)
I nailed this goal this month.  I started to get into the habit for about 4 days a week. Maybe it's finally starting to stick? (also, now that it's hot I sleep on top of my comforter, so straightening it out is a lot easier than having to make it completely.  Still counts right?

Travel outside of the Greater Capital District 1x a month. (4/12)
I did travel to North Shore Boston for one last Montessori weekend, but I am not counting it.  I drove out Saturday morning, spent my entire day in class checked into my hotel at 9am- checked out at 7:45 spent all day sunday in class and drove home.  Not much exploring was done this time.  Thankfully summer is nearing.  I'm sure I'll get some traveling in this summer.

Read 33 books (13/33)
 I'm still on track ish for this goal.  I read 2 books and am 65% done with a 3rd.  I am loving renting books on my kindle !
  1. Girls in White Dresses -Jennifer Close - I liked this book and it is an easy read, though it jumps from character to character so I was never too invested in any of them.  But there were definitey parts I could relate to -
  2. Wicked Albany - Frankie Bailey & Alice Green Super interesting book about some history in the Albany area during Prohibition time.  It reads like someones Thesis but is worth a read if you live in the Albany area.
Save an additional 100 bucks a month (300/1200)

Run in 13 races for 2013 (2/13)
Mountain Goat

Hike 13 High Peaks (4/13)
donation pile of excess clothing
still no hiking this month.  I had planned to go up during memorial weekend, but the weather was just lousy.  Instead I spent a rainy Saturday cleaning my closets and minimizing my clothing collection.  On Sunday  I figured I should start running again if I plan on surviving any of my races this summer and Monday was spent at the high ropes course.   The mountains will still be there when school lets out in June. 
Hike 13 Catskills 3500 
see above

relaxin' at Adirondack Extreme!

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  1. I would really love to volunteer more as well. I volunteered at a race a few weeks back, so I am going to count that - it's a start, right? You have some awesome goals - and so much of the year is left! WOOHOO!