Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lake Placid Half Marathon Race Recap

I don't have any of that god given talent when it comes to running.  I run at a conservative pace, when I first started out (2007), I was in the back of the pack and slowly worked my way into the middle of the pack.  Then I stopped running regularly.  Now that I'm making my way back in again, I am back to the back of the pack.  This has forced me to swallow my pride, keep my head down and push harder. I had been avoiding running the half marathon distance for a while now, mostly because I know that I am months away from even teasing my PR.

Finally I got over myself.  Really.  When I first signed up for the Lake Placid Marathon, I didn't sign up for the half because I didn't want the pressure of having to PR.  After realizing that I couldn't get the mileage in safely, I switched.  Even then I was dreading how much slower this race would be from my last half marathon in 2010.

Yet when last week rolled around, I finally booked a bed at the hostel near the race and made my plans to head north.  I drove up to Lake Placid on Saturday afternoon, bummed that I couldn't do any hiking while I was there. ( I guess I could have...)  I headed to the packet pick up and grabbed my bib, shirt, and signed my life away.  It was obvious that most of the runners were doing the half since the line wrapped around the room, while there was no line for the marathon.  I was bummed that there was absolutely no expo, but not surprised since Lake Placid isn't easy to get to.

I walked the main street before heading to check into the hostel.  I stayed there back for New Years and really enjoyed it.  Most of the other guest were also running so there was lots of pasta being made and earlier quiet hours than my last stay.

I slept like crap, but woke up not feeling particularly tired, which is probably because I had slept for 12+ hours 3 nights in a row earlier in the week. I ate some breakfast (bagel & cream cheese) and headed towards the race.

The weather was perfect for running, high 50s, light drizzle, no sun.  The corralled us to the street, played Kate Smiths God Bless America (who had a summer home in Lake Placid) and we were off.

Because it was a smaller race 1800 runners, I naturally started out too fast.  I'm much better about pacing when I can force myself to the back of the pack.  I knew it was a bit fast (10:31) for the distance that laid ahead, but I figured I'd go with it for as long as possible.  My splits were all over the place. But I stayed within the 10s until mile 7.

At this point, many people were on their way back from the turn around, I knew it had to be coming up, but it was literally no where in sight, each bend in the road lead to disappointment and my moral began to suffer.

My faster than planned pace caught up to me and I spent miles 7-12 dancing in the 11:00s.  The half mile was straight up mean.  Up a hill a sharp turn and up more of a hill. I forced myself to "run" it but there were decisions made by my body to walk which I was forced to override a few times.  Eventually, I made that hill into the old Olympic Speedskating Oval (does this count towards my life goal of finishing a race in a Stadium?)  With just one lap around the oval I finished my 10th Half Marathon.

hamming it up for the photographer !
I am satisfied with my time, it falls smack in the middle of all of my previous halves.  2:27:05 gives me a new time to improve upon.

with my Head of School, her husband a local news anchor and their friends

After hanging out and cheering for other runners finishing up their race, I made my way to my car and ultimately home.  2.5 hours is a long way to drive after running and I was SO hungry and achy. Next race, I'll need to encourage someone to travel with me so they can drive!


  1. Great job! Way to stick with it, even though not your original plan! 10 Hm is awesome!

  2. Awesome job girl! Great the hamming it up one!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  3. Great race photos! It sounds like you had a good time and I think that's a pretty fast time for a half but that's just me.