Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 This past weekend was the annual Tulip Festival.  I did a little research to figure out it's origin and found that Albany's (first) sister city was the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands. As a sign of thanks for post-war assistance to the Nijmegen, the city sent 50,000 tulip bulbs to Albany in 1948 which ultimately became the Tulip Festival.

A lot of the weekend revolves around music, but there are still Tulips involved.  I have proof. I also have a new camera (the Nikon 1)

I do think that Tulips are my new favorite flower.  I just can't decide on which variety.


  1. So pretty! I can't believe I haven't made it to Tulip Fest yet - I was busy running a half marathon this year. Your pictures are great!

    1. My mom was in the Tulip Court when she was young, so we went every year growing up. It's a lot easier now that I live a half block away :) The Tulips are still looking beautiful if you ever make the trip to Washington Park :)