Monday, May 20, 2013

Reebok Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

Well a few celebrations are in order
1. I have finished my Montessori Certification program.
2. This is my 300th post. and
 3. My blog is nearly 3 years old!

 It's come a long way in those 3 years but I still look forward to sharing my ramblings and having it around to look back on.  With all of these fun things that have happened an even cooler thing happened.  I was emailed by the Rebok Spartan Race to provide a free giveaway of an entry to a race (you can choose the location).  Since my fall during my last obstacle run, I have no plans of ever doing one again.  ( I am waaaaaay too clumsy) but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out. The ones that I have successfully completed have been a lot of fun!

They have locations all over the place &
They have a variety of distances:
Sprint - 3 miles + 15 obstacles
Super - 8 miles + 20 obstacles
Beast - 12 miles + 25 obstacles
Death Race- ....

So really there is something for everyone!

The kind people of Reebok's Spartan race also provided me with a link for you to receive 15% off (ya know, just incase you don't win the giveaway)  You can redeem that but going here.

How to enter?

Leave me a comment answering: What makes you want to run an obstacle race? 

All comments must be posted  by 5/27 and I will randomly pick a winner on Tuesday 5/28.


  1. I would like to run an obstacle race because it's something different!!! Why not?!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your program, your 300th post, and your 3rd blogiversary! As you can see I'm a little late on reading blogs.

    Congrats to Kristin for winning the Spartan entry!