Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mountain Goat Run

For the past 2 weeks, I've been traveling and surviving off of coffee and alcohol. Needless to say, my running has been crap.  My legs were still feeling dead last week and I struggled big time with jet lag.  When I lived in CA it was easier to adapt from jet lag then it is going from West-East.  I wasn't looking forward to running the mountain goat, but since I had already paid I figured I'd give it a whirl.

I had a jammed pack weekend starting off with a surprise party for a friend.  This picture was pre-surprise- but it's probably fairly close to what it looked like when the birthday boy came in.

I hung out for a few hours before driving out to Syracuse to see my friend Mikey.  We enjoyed some pizza and catching up since I had been a crappy friend for the past year or so and failed to visit.  I stayed with a friend that was also running the Goat and was able to go to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep in some since  we already had our bibs.

I left around 9 and met up with Hollie who thankfully had an extra hair tie since I had apparently forgotten that I would be running.  The race didn't start until 10:20, I spent my time hiding in the shade and stretching.  I didn't warm up mostly because I knew I'd be running the race, not racing it. Plus it was already warm and my goal was to stay cool for as long as possible.

I started in the back, not only because I'd be running a conservative pace, but because it's also where there was still shade.
I couldn't hear anything they were saying, but followed the claps and cheers of the runners up front. I had already decided to treat this run as a training run for upcoming Lake Placid Half. My goal was to keep my pace under 12:00.  As desperate as I am to be back in my "peak"  I haven't put in the time or effort to deserve to be there. I ran along high fiving little kids, running through hoses, and accepting freeze pops from strangers, it. was. awesome.

I had been warned that there were two large hills.  The first hill wasn't too terrible so naturally I grew a bit cocky.  I was told that Colvin Ave was the worst of it - and while I knew the street name, my Syracuse geography was never great while I lived there and certainly not any good now.  I was still feeling pretty strong, and maintained an easy pace hoping to conserve some energy for the hill, wherever it may be.

Sure enough, once we turned onto Colvin, there was a hill.  It didn't seem so bad at first but it just kept going.  I ran it for as long as I could but eventually had to walk since my shuffle was no longer productive.  Once on the top my heart rate returned to a safe pounding and I went back to running.  The second half of this race was definitely a lot hillier than I was expecting.  I though it would be more flat after colvin.

Some day I'll take course profiles more seriously.

like any good blogger, I must post race photos but I'm too cheap to buy them.

It was a hot day and a tough course.  I finished at 1:56:50 and I'm quite happy with that. (my only other 10 mile race was a 1:54:49) I wasn't nearly as prepared as I should have been but I never felt like I was totally trashed while out on the course.  (This does obviously mean I could/should be pushing harder) but I feel that I ran the Mountain Goat smartly.  The crowd support on the first half was awesome.  It reminded me a lot of the boilermaker and I can see a lot of potential of this becoming a new favorite race for me despite the hills.  There were plenty of water stations, even if the water was quite warm. Overall after 35 years, they've figured out a lot of the kinks in this race and it was quite a smooth event.

I like bling.  I paid extra for the medal (esp since I knew I wouldn't be fast enough for one  

 After a delicious Greek lunch with Hollie, I was back on the road to Albany.  I would definitely recommend this race to anyone in the Upstate area -  it's got all the perks of a large race, without being too large.  Just take those hills seriously (atleast Colvin!) they don't call it the Mountain Goat for nothin'!


  1. Sound pretty badass. I like the 10 mile distance. Good work going for it even if your training hasn't been up to par. I feel you, since mine has not been great either. I blame the late break of spring.

    1. Thanks! I hope to dominate it next year! It's definitely hard to get motivated when it's cold rain and 50 degrees.

  2. I'm really impressed with your time since this wasn't exactly a flat course. I have been wanting to do a 10 miler for awhile but the one I was going to do in March didn't work out. I feel like this would be a great distance!

  3. I ran the Goat in 2010. It was my 4th race ever. OMG! It was very hot that year, also. I finished in 2:15 and was very happy with that. Eventually, I run it again and do better. Great race!!!