Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tips for a Successful Stagecoach

1. Save yourself time and energy and shell out the money to stay at one of the shuttle line hotels/resort. It makes it real easy to get to the show and more importantly an easy commute home after a long, hot day. While lots of people want the camping aspect of a multiple day festival but lets be honest it was 100 degrees out each day, do you really want to get into a tent at the end of the day?  Plus, Stagecoach only offered RV camping - although I walked by tent camping each day, I'm not sure whose property it was.

La Quinta Resort 

2. Take your cash out in advance. While there are lots of ATMs, you can avoid any service charges. Or issues like we did when T realized she brought her Credit Card w/no pin and I had only brought $40 bucks All food and drinks are cash only. Thankfully T was able to work her charm with an old college friend to get another round of drinks once we had beer and dinner (3  beers $26  2 pizza slices $14) and were out of money.

3. Eat and drink before you arrive. (clearly this lesson was learned on the first day when we had no money and not enough food.  we nearly ate our way back to san diego after Friday night's show.)
3a. I love fair food as much as the next person but 3 days of it- isn't good for anyone.  Plus it's expensive. We  stopped at trader joes on Saturday to buy some packaged salads to have for lunch. (At least I had 2 meals with veggies in them this weekend) 
3b. If the weather is anything like it was this past weekend 100s+- if you're going to drink, do it in the shade and AC of your hotel. You're more likely to avoid dehydration. Plus- it's 9 dollars for a "large beer" 
3b.1 - if you drink- don't be stupid. No need to prove you can be the drunkest kid at the party. Ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Pack a water bottle that can hook to you on someway. Bottled water was 2 bucks for a 12oz bottle. They had a recycling program of 10 to 1 but  empty water bottles are allowed in & there are plenty of water stations. The hook is crucial so you can have fun dancing and not have to carry it.  (added bonus if you have an insulated water bottle.  My water was HOT typically 20 minutes after it was filled)

5. If you're going in closer to the general admissions front- wear those cowboy boots. There are a lot of people.  

6. If you're going closer to the GA front leave your ego in the back. People that are 8 inches taller will find in necessary to stand directly in between you and the stage/or screen. Forget getting annoyed. Just listen & enjoy. Life is too short!

7. Be kind to the shuttle organizers they'll have water and snacks for you. 

8. If you're wearing a tank top, jean shorts and cowboy boots You'll feel over dressed compared to most. 

9. Pack a bandanna. If for no other purpose than to cover your face while walking in dust back to the shuttle lot. 

10. Unless you're driving with superhuman T- stay Sunday Night and take the day off on Monday. Thankfully I wasn't driving because I could not stay awake. After 3 days of sun, booze, and dancing. Driving 2+ hours home at 11 at night is painful

Most importantly have fun!! I had such a last seeing so many country acts this weekend. Toby Keith, Dierks Bently, Darius Rucker, Joe Nichols, and Zac Brown Band did not disappoint!  Everyone was awesome!  I wish there was more time in the day to explore all of the other stages too.

What an awesome awesome weekend.  And another bucket list item checked off !

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