Monday, April 1, 2013

March Resolution Recap


Complete a 5k in 25 minutes

I haven't given this a go yet.  Between the madness of March and having problems with my asthma, surviving each run has been the goal.  

Yoga 1x a week. (4/52)

I love yoga, so I'm not sure why I am unable to get this done.  I did restart using a home video, this will probably help. 
yoga poses on mountains probably doesn't count....

Complete 12 items off of my bucket list.
I've made progress towards my ADK goal (as seen later on this list)
am booked for Stagecoach
and registered for a 50k.
so progress will be made. eventually. 

Volunteer 1x a month
Really slacking in this.  March was a hard month for me, but I've been saying that all year.  Time to stop thinking about myself and give back.

Make my bed 1 morning a week(14/52)
Sometimes "making my bed" involves just straightening the comforter and not actually making the rest of it, but it looks nicer than the hot mess I leave in on all the other days.

Travel outside of the Greater Capital District 1x a month. (3/12)
Montessori training brought me back to North Shore Boston for yet another weekend of workshops.  Not particularly exciting  but brought me away from home for a few days.

Read 33 books (7/33)
I'm in the middle of two books The Hobbit and It Starts with Food.  I'm a little behind on this goal, but once summer comes I should be able to knock out a book a week!

Save an additional 100 bucks a month (300/1200)
Finally not super broke all the time.  Woot woot!

Run in 13 races for 2013 (0/13)
Registered for:
Live Lovers 5k 4/7(Newton, Ma)
Mountain Goat 10 mile run 5/5 (Syracuse, NY)
Freihofers Run for Women 6/1 (Albany, NY)
Lake Placid Marathon 6/9 ( Lake Placid, NY)
Green Lakes Endurance Run 8/24 (Syracuse, NY)

So I haven't run any yet, but I am registered and it all starts next week. Woohoo!

Hike 13 High Peaks (4/13)
I made it up to the ADK to hike Giant and Rocky Ridge peak earlier in March with my friends Kp and Gd.  I am also trying to find a way to make my way up there this week without interfering too much with my training for LP.

Hike 13 Catskills 3500 

Still haven't gone to the Mountains south of me yet.  Most of my friends are also ADK hikers so it's hard to want to start another list and risk "falling behind" the others on the quest of becoming 46'ers.  Stupid, I know but I can be competitive sometimes.

How are your 2013 goals?  Anything you've been able to completely check off yet? 


  1. Don't feel too bad about not hitting resolution quite yet. The year is young. Also, I haven't even set goals for the year, and it's freaking March

  2. Looks like you're doing pretty well,there is still a lot of time to meet your goals! This reminds me to check in on my "resolutions"...

    P.S. I'm running Freihofer's this year too!

  3. My bed is always a hot mess too. It never gets made unless we have people coming over that might walk back there.