Sunday, April 7, 2013

LP Marathon Training Week 9

Planned: Kickboxing
Actual: kickboxing and 2.15 mile walk

I fought off a day long migraine on Monday by sleeping for the better part of the day. After I went to kickboxing I was still quite behind my daily goal of 12,000 steps with my fitbit. So I hopped on an open mill and walked.

notice the lack of physical activity until 6:30pm

Planned:  RLRF workout 
Actual: RLRF Workout - 1 mile warm up 6 x 800 (@4:34) 1:30 Recovery

I started at 5.0 for the warm up and increased by .2 every 2 minutes.  I played with the machine a bit and figured that running at a 6.5 gave me the closest to a 4:34 for my 800s.  Some of my 1:30 recoveries were closer to 2 minutes mostly because it made the math a lot easier to figure out.  I felt pretty strong during it, both my lungs and my legs were cooperating   I didn't do a huge cool down though because by the time I hit 5 miles I was SO ready to be done on the treadmill. 

intervals look awesome on Nike+ (ps are you on there ? find me Albanywayfarer!)

Planned: 1 loop of the GLER Trail (7.75 miles)
Actual:  5 miles around Green Lakes

I posted about this run already, my friend AC and I got a bit lost, but I was able to see a good amount of the park.  There was snow it was slow, but a run is a run.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Rest

A truly lazy day, I was still in Syracuse so a lot of sitting and visiting and then driving.  I didn't mind one bit.

Planned: 15 Miles
Actual: 15 miles

This run was hard.  I know I need to get better about fueling, which I think would help overall.  I learned the valuable lesson of not eating salad as a pre run meal. Around mile 12 I had capped out,  instead of quitting I walked for a bit,  I was able to rally and finish running and keep my over all pace under 12 minutes.

Planned: Yoga/ Walk
Actual: Does walking around Sam Adams Brewery count?

I went to go visit a friend and dragged her/made her drive me to the Sam Adams Brewery where I had been dying to go for years.  I've been a huge fan of their beers and was stoked to finally go.  Definitely worth a visit. (it's free/2 dollars donation)  and if you sit at the end of the tables there is enough extra beer to leave with a pleasant buzz.  Other than that, not a whole lot of fitness related activities were going on, my friend is doing p90x so we both very much enjoyed some time on the couch.

Planned: Liver Lovers 5k
Actual: Liver Lovers 5k & Yoga

The whole point of my visit to Boston was for this race.  Typically I don't travel so far for such short races but there was a good reason for it.  I'll post more on that later.  My legs still felt quite tired so I ditched the idea that maybe I could PR and used it as a shake out run. After driving home to Albany, taking an awesome nap on my teeny tiny love seat, I forced myself to do a short yoga video.  I enjoyed it, I may even splurge and "buy" it.  We'll see....

After 2 weeks of not really being impressed by my efforts, I am definitely proud of my week.   I hope that since I had done my long runs only 4 days apart it might be part of the reason why my legs feel SO sore still.  

Thankfully I am not traveling next week so I don't need to alter my long run & hopefully I can figure out a way to travel with water.  Suggestions welcomed!


  1. Great job this week!
    I love data graphs for intervals. Mine are on Garmin, but look pretty similar. Your colors are prettier :)
    Putting two long runs that close together will certainly wipe you out if you aren't used to it- but once in a while it's a great fitness booster.
    Looks like you had a great time at the Sam Adams brewery with your friend :)
    I will have to try the video later today!
    Thanks for finding my blog :)

  2. Another great week Christine! You do such a wonderful job sticking to your plan.

  3. Wow great week!! Great interval workout but so nice to get outside! I've been curious about those fit bits!