Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lake Placid Marathon Week 10.

I have had 9 solid weeks of marathon training.  And then week 10 happened.  My legs felt dead all week, I did one day of hills at a conservative pace and scrapped the idea of doing a RLRF workout and did a regular run with Jess.   The next day I woke up with some discomfort in my left knee.

I am freakishly flexible and can hyper extend my arms and knees easily, but I woke with my left knee feeling like I had slept with it hyper-extended   (although I was asleep and cannot confirm if this is true or not I'm leaning towards not)  It felt better throughout my day at work but returned once I was sitting and cooled down for the evening.  Come Saturday morning, my upper back pain was back and my knee still felt wrong.  I decided to post pone my long run until Sunday giving myself a little more time to rest.

Quiet day on LG

Davidson's Brother Sampler 
Instead of running, I went to Lake George for the day with a stop at the Davidson's Brothers Brewery in Glens Falls along the way home.  The rest of the evening was a movie night and relaxing, perfect for preparing for a long run.

I met up with some runners from the Albany Running Exchange (I've been a member for a bit now and this was the first time I was willing to join others)  for a 4 mile run on Sunday.  After the group run, I went out again and did an additional 5.  After refueling, I had though about going back out for the remaining 9 but chose not to.

I felt tired. I didn't want to go out for another 1:30 of running.  I quit. I thought about it quite a bit yesterday and today and have been feeling really overwhelmed with the mileage required at this point.

I don't bring up work/non running life a whole lot in my blog but this year has been insanely busy. While I've been teaching for a few years, this is my first year of this style/philosophy and age group so I am constantly learning new things and ways to improve my skill and classroom.  This new position also has me working towards completing my Montessori Certification which will be completed late May.

As my mileage increases and my academic deadlines become closer I'm feeling the pinch.  I'm beginning to consider dropping to the half for Lake Placid and signing up for a different full Marathon that is in late July. This could just be a slump, so I'm going to wait until the weekend before I make any registration decisions.


  1. Sorry it was a rough week Christine. You'll know what's best for Lake Placid but don't let work and marathon training overwhelm you and make you feel like you have to drop down to the half.

  2. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Take some time to reflect if this is what you really want; if it is, try to make time to train safely. If you feel you won't be fully prepared, do what you think is best. It's a hard decision, but you're a smart runner and will make the best decision. We all have those rough times, you will come through better than ever!

  3. I like "samplers" that are just 6 full beers, heh. Also, I thought you said somewhere in there July Marathon? I'm not sure July is the month for marathons. Just the idea of that long in that heat caused me to lose 10 lbs at my desk.

    1. it was a lot of beer! I had a hard time finishing the last one after also eating a meal there. The marathon starts at 6pm. So it wouldn't be as bad. maybe.