Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Lakes Preview

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Green Lakes Endurance Run in the greater Syracuse area.  The run isn't until August, but it's a long one, and I was curious about the level of madness to expect.  I had made plans to visit one of my former roommates (i refer to every person that I've ever lived with as my roommate, this can get confusing since it includes the 4 girls from college I physically shared a room with as well as the additional 9 other girls that I lived with in suites/townhouses, 2 girls from SD, 2 girls and 1 guy from DC and occasionally I referred to my parents as roommates when I was house crashing.)  Anyways, she has an adorable son that I plan on match making with my adorable niece by forcing all of them to attend my Alma Mater, but really that's a post for a different day.

I knew I was driving out to Syracuse on Wednesday and decided I'd make the trip a double whammy.  I sent a text to a friend that is training for the Mountain Goat (which I have now also signed up for ) to see if he was interested in going for a run.

I warned him it would be slow, since I had done a speed workout the day before but stupidly, he agreed to join me anyways. It was slow, not only because I had sat in the car for 2.5 hours to get to the park (or because I'm just not a fast runner) but ALSO because it is still winter at Green Lakes and there was a solid 6 inches on the trail.

The trail had obviously been used around the first lake,and still quite a bit around the second.  Once we past the second lake we were the only crazies running and sadly had to break our own trail.   (And by break I mean AC broke the trail and I ran in his foot prints.)  I already knew there were some hills, and quite frankly I already know I'll be walking them during the race so I walked up them.

He was just trying to get in the shot.

We ended up losing the official race trail and ended up on an access road, which was fine because the snow was a lot tougher to run in than I had expected. We jogged along before cutting back down to the lake.  

without warning I told AC to jump on the count of 3.  I was only upset that he didn't ask me "how high" 

Where we went to cut down was very narrow and slick.  Nether one of us were dumb enough to try to run it since we would have slid straight down to the lower trail. Once we got down we backtracked a bit to go the long way around the first lake back to where our cars were.  Despite missing the meadow section of the trail, I was able to see quite a bit and I think it'll be easier when I try the run again without snow. It was a fun morning and a nice way to catch up with a friend. I'll be back on those trails after school ends before the august race and by then the snow will have to be gone!
just to prove that I was there too ! 

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