Friday, April 5, 2013

Four Things Friday: how to sabotage your long run.

1: plan your long run after a really busy day.

  • I spent a good amount of the day running around to get things done . I still missed some major things like paying a parking ticket, getting an oil change and removing my snowtires. But I was much busier than I expected.

2. Fail to eat lunch until 2:00pm.

  • I thought I would be quicker with my errands I had planned on being back home by noon. I wasn't and I was starving. On a regular day I eat lunch at 11:00.

3. Eat a salad with balsamic vinegar dressing as pre run lunch.

  • I had prepared my lunch before leaving earlier in the day. It was delicious and I'll probably never eat it again after today.(Spinach, kale, tomato, avocado, goat cheese, walnuts, raisins, evoo, and the devil known as balsamic vinegar)
  • I had the worst heart burn/nauseous feeling for the first half of the run. Awful.

4. Don't actually evaluate the route you're taking.

  • I thought I'd rehit civilization around mile 5-6. Which would bring me to water. It didn't until mile 7.3 I was beat. I did bring money with me so I bought a water and decided to carry it for the remaining 7.7 miles.  At this time I downed a gel which was okay, but probably not enough calories for the route.

I felt pretty awful for the entire run,  I had to walk a bit, but was able to keep my over all pace under 12.  I am not impressed with my run at all, but I am glad that I stuck it out and finished all 15 miles.  I was back close to my house at mile 12 and could have easily bailed.   Hopefully next weeks 17-18er will be a bit more successful.


  1. Hey you still got in 15 miles that's awesome! You could have easily bailed. I make it a rule not to eat salad before a run. I love salad, but my stomach definitely can't stand it.

  2. Sorry it was such a tough run for you, hope the next long run goes much better!

  3. The good thing about the sucky runs is that the next one is usually awesome! Way to stick with it.

  4. Glad you still did it! That's a big accomplishment in itself!! :-)