Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  I have ulcertative colitis and have recently been experiencing a flare up.  This is one of the first ones I've had in years. I don't want my life/training to be derailed, I went to my GI doctor today and began discussing options.  I'm not a big fan of pills (one I can rarely remember to take them and two I want to find the root of the issue not just cover it)  so after knocking around a few ideas he prescribed to me a probiotic.  I'm up for giving it a try.  Hopefully it'll help make things a bit more normal.

2. Everything felt all wrong today during my run.  I set my alarm for 4:45 in vain thinking that maybe, just maybe I'd be willing to hit the streets and squeeze in my long run today rather than the day after my hike this weekend.  It didn't happen ( no surprise )  After my doctors appointment, the snow had begun to fall and the sun had set so my only option was the gym.  It was packed and already hot.  My rhythm was off. My new oiselle shorts were super sticking to me with the lack of breeze and I was not wearing running friendly underwear    I was in the front row of the machines so I was unable to pick the constant wedgie. I abandon my hopes of 8 miles and settled on the 5 that I had originally planned.  I'll just need to tough it out after my hiking trip and get it done on Sunday.

3. Lately I've been a music runner. I've been listening to the same playlist for the past year - adding songs occasionally.  These are the songs I'll pull from my old list to make a new one:

Danza Kudro (Dom Omar)
Like a G6 (far east movement)
You've got the Dirtee love - (Florence & Dizzie)
Dance Again (JLo/Pitbull)
Ven a Bailar (JLO)
Feel Again (One republic)
Run Rabbit Run (Eminem)
Don't Stop the Party (Pitbull)
Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris & Florence)
Scream & Shout ( Will.I.Am & Britney)
On Top of the World (imagine dragon)

What else should I add?


  1. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding gets me pumped up EVERY. TIME! I got a kink in my back after a random coverage at school...I was the gym teacher, in a classroom (Not the gym), so we did dance aerobics (I was in hunter boots) and yoga...side chair pose tweaked me. Darn kids. They need their exercise!

    1. OO I like Ellie Gouldings other song, I will definitely add that to the playlist. Thanks! I some times wild my class up on days we don't go outside for recess. They need to run around a bit. My room might look like a zoo, but it's worth it!

  2. I never run or workout with music so no advice on that front. I hope the probiotics help!

  3. It's an older song, but Born Too Slow by The Crystal Method usually works for me. The beat is fantastic, and I can't help but think: Too slow? I'll prove you WRONG buddy!

    1. I'll look to add it! Thanks for the suggestion!