Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Fitness Challenge Week 1.

Wanderlusted Get Fit Challenge

Last week I started my Spring Fitness Challenge.  Since I work out regularly, I wanted to add something that is a challenge for me:  push ups.  After completing 30 Day Shred, I've been determined to be able to do some proper push ups. I can do 3 proper push ups, and they are NOT pretty.  My whole body shakes as I try to hover over the ground and push myself back up.  I'm certainly not at 10 yet, but progress is progress, right?

I also have the goal of completing a 21 day at home yoga challenge.  I haven't started it yet. Blame it on over committing myself to work, friends, and training.  But the madness of this week is over (snowday today!) so I'm working on organizing my life a bit to make this work.

As my runs get longer, it's easier to fill up the one hour of exercise.  My weekday runs are about 4-5 miles and I've been diligent about stretching after.  (Stretching counts as exercise right?) With this, I've completed 6/15 days of an hour of exercise.  It helps that I have only one complete rest day a week, the other day is an active rest day.

With today's surprise snowday, I can get my act together and refocus for the rest of the month.  And maybe I'll even do some yoga at home.


  1. Progress is progress! Pushups are the hardest, it takes a while to get them down, but once you do - and if you keep it up - you'll be able to do a whole bunch, and it will be super impressive!


  2. It sounds like you've got a great plan for staying fit this spring and working on areas you struggle with. The yoga challenge is a wonderful idea and one that Allan and I need to do. We did 25 minutes of P90X yoga this past week and it was brutal!