Friday, March 29, 2013

Schodack Island State Park Run

My asthma is still not 100% controlled.  This cold/cough is lingering particularly when I'm active. Sitting is mostly fine, running/kickboxing is fine until I stop, and then the round of wheezing and coughing starts up. If there is any perk, its that I don't stop moving for fear of coughing.  I have had asthma for over 20 years and I know that sometimes it just takes more time.  So while I'm definitely not at 100% I felt well enough to jump back into training.  I had grand thoughts of knocking out my long run today (12-15 miles) so I could have the rest of the weekend to play/hike/spin/ect.  I read about a trail at Schodack Island State park that was a 5 mile loop.  It seemed like a perfect way for me to have fuel and a bail out option if it was necessary.

super jammed parking lot.

I made my way over to the park by about 9:45 and set off.  On Tuesday it had felt like the first time I had ever gone running, and for the first mile today I felt just about the same.

I cannot contain my excitement for this run.
I loosened up, but kept a pretty conservative pace, I was aiming for a minimum of 12 miles (the distance I missed last week) but was hopeful to be closer to 15. After roughly 2 miles I reached a road block.  There was a beautifully open gate, with a sign that says not to enter.  Being the mostly law abiding preschool teacher citizen that I am, I went for it anyways and continued along.

I figured if they were really concerned, the gate wouldn't have been open.  I continued along and the trail makers were still there, so clearly, it wasn't  really forbidden.  Another half a mile up the trail I came upon yet another sign.  This one stated that it was a restricted area because of an endangered species.  Again I paused, contemplated and then figured that they only meant to keep me on the trail not wander in the wood, so on we go!

At this point, I should have turned back.  I was now 2.5 away from my car and hadn't made the loop that I had read about.  I did not have any water on me because I was banking on being back by my car at 5 miles.  ( I rarely need fuel earlier than that) But my curiosity got the best of me, I wanted to see the end of the island.  I didn't think it could be too much farther so I went for it.  

anyone know what these tracks are from?

I hit a massive clearing at mile 4 and decided I wasn't dumb enough to continue on.  I would already now be running 8 miles before having the option of water, pretzels, or raisins  (see I had planned on being prepared!)

definitely more awake, but trying to gauge if I would be at the tip of the island any time soon.
I turned back and headed towards my car.  I began to plan out my options, I could:
 1. go to my car fuel up and head back out for 4-7 more miles.
2. Go home and consider this just my second run for the week and hit the long run on Sunday.

I opted for plan 2.  I was already dehydrated by the time I reached my car that the additional 4-7 would be more harmful than helpful.  I still have two additional days this weekend to do my long run.  I had only run once this week, so this became a bit longer of a weekday run.

While running back, I ran into a man walking his dog, he seemed local so I stopped to ask how long the trail goes on for.  His response was "it goes for a long while, it's pretty wild out there, not many of you guys go out that way, it's usually just hunters."  Thankfully it is no longer hunting season, but good to know for future runs.  Once I made it back I looked back at the notes I had on the trail and I had missed the turn off,  I was under the impression that the trail hugged the shoreline of the entire island, but as I know now, it does not.  I will run the loop on Sunday and use my car as a home base.

I was relieve to see that I didn't miss the tip by just a smidge.  I'll run the whole thing someday!

Once I was home and loaded up my GPS I saw that I was far enough away from the tip that I made the better choice.  Next time I'll have to have some water on me before venturing to the end.

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  1. I wonder what the endangered species is! And how crazy is it that I'm running a 5K there this Saturday. Now I know what it looks like!